Political Motion Sickness (left-right blues)

Looks like U.K. supergroup Pink Floyd's agent has "Got it going on," because those goddamn primadonnas went to court and won over downloads. Stealing them, like all Hughes property? Oh no, the judge said you have to buy the whole EMI album, not just a song. That is control over your intellectual property, alright. Me? He was going to kill me and steal the script? Aw, bullfeathers! Fevered imaginations, because the last thing "The Producer's Idiot Nephew" said to me was, "We've gotta get moving!" Amen!

All real .gov entities should know by now I am officially and truly issuing threats. What kind of threats? Every CRPD automaton wants to know. Perchance I will toss a "Farmer in the Dell" 755 in our conveniently located creek the next time I get a "doubling" of the "Your secret code is here" e-mail, which of course you must quickly activate, before Jesus comes down on the clouds.

"They" hate my web locations that maybe work and maybe don't, because one addresses the William V issue, and the other is a "I'm really a grownup running for president" site, so isn't it predictable my "secret code" for that web blog was an inside joke that isn't private, but I will pass on making it more public--at least tonight.That is because I have insufficient funds to purchase or lease the black or white Jaguars to make a "Hughes for President" commercial. What's that total for the last quarter? $124. Not bad for a homeless Royal, and I am not George Brett.

CFO, September, 2010. I am the mother*ucking King of [*] and furious. Paragraph one on U.S. health care reform says, "...end up costing more." Hold it right there! This is indeed the Royal policeman. Why more? Okay dimwit Democrats, in paragraph four it says adult kids mooching off mom & dad while selling pot & meth are eligible up to an astounding age 26. Riding a bicycle at age 40-something? Seems I bought a 1968 yellow Chrysler Newport at age 17 with 100% earned, taxable income. I got ripped-off bad, as the vehicle (ho, ho!) leaked every fluid except...gasoline.

Get the joke, Baker Hughes? Policeman is coming for you. And yes, the Newport was the same color as you-know-who's Caddy. As for the house the same color where Howard Hughes, not dead in 76, lived until...maybe 1988, you do indeed make a left at the White Castle. What did Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have for lunch? Don't know, don't care.Here at the Mafia Center, it was "HEARTY BEEF STEW/BROCCOLI/SALAD BAR." Son, which president hated broccoli?

Who the hell is driving to Missouri?

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