Big Cal Discipline

"We" of a certain age remember the song about "I think I'm turning Japanese," right? I confess I may be turning Russian, because why worry about what a damn overeducated idiot the Treasury Secretary of the USA might be, when you can peruse pics of girls, girls, girls. Don't lie Moscow, because I've looked at Pravda a time or two, and it is always the same deal. One headline says: "WORLD ENDING TOMORROW--BLAME A WESTERN NATION." The other? "GIRL WITH VERY BIG BOOBS HAS A NEW MOVIE."
And, there's suspiciously no data to back up the end of the world, but they've got the girlie photos. Oh, my USA! "They" heard it. They saw it. Yes, I joined many in forgetting the lyrics to our/your "Star Spangled Banner," and the embarrassing part was, the Goebel Mafia Center had one of Dub Crouch's "hot mikes" on for me to sing. I'm a "psycho-therapist" alright, but given I am so at risk of getting myself killed, we shall skip the details and go to the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, who are, not exactly very ethical, by their own report.
#1: "Leticia," from LA = Stalking her husband's new girlfriend? That's a no-no!
#2: "Roxanne," from Bakersfiield = Child abuse? No comment.
#3: "Julie," from Crestline = Thief!
#4: "Harold," from Yreka = Sex with a patient? True? Never "stuck" with me, right Nixon?
#5: "Jeannine," from Loma Linda = Stalker in search of romance. Not a good idea, girl.
#6: "Sevan," from Pasadena = Thief!
#7 "Aneea," from San Mateo = Thief! (Is there an echo in here?)
#8: "Edward," from Hacienda Heights = DUI. The lazy cocaine cartel protectin' coppers gave you one? I am shocked! So shocked! Hey, it's Friday night, RICH HALL, and "We're goin' to Newbury!" whatever that means.
"...carrying out illegal wiretapping and surveillance against judges, journalists, politicians, and human rights activists." Hey, don't say that about war criminal George W. Bush and crack dealer Barack Obama!
Excuse me, I am "bipolar." They were talking about Columbia, and Bush buddy Alvaro Uribe. Or were they?
You say BAY-ner, I say BONE-r.
"Free country?" Not when you are the "undercover king."

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