Ken, Your Cell Is Reserved, NOT Computer #8

Trouble on the tarmac, boys? Gayle, may I have my toolbox back? Mafia! Mafia!

1. Why was Bill Clinton always late?
2. Why did Bill Clinton visit Saint Louis, Missouri, USA so much?

3. Why did he almost hit my Mazda 323 in August, 1999?

Professor's notes:
Bill Clinton would say, "Hughes, I did not almost hit your car, the Air Force pilot almost hit your car." He went to Harvard, while I attended Lindenwood College II. Oh man, "they" said it, not me. We sure do have a "humdinger" here in Thousand Thieves, California. Thousand Oaks? "Justice Roberts, what is a Rolling Oak?" I predict he will say, "Hughes, will you go to the U.K. and leave us alone."

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