William Makes Happyface With U.S. Secret Service/No film at 11

Let's start it up:
--Nixon was not a few feet away from William.
--He did not talk to Eugene McCarthy.
--Jimmy Carter did not want to know if William was really out of money in the Netherlands.
--He did not talk to George McGovern a long time.
--He did not almost get hit by Clinton's Air Force One.
--He did not stand by John Kerry's bus before a boring speech.
--He did not quit the St. Louis Kerry campaign office because someone made gun violence threats (the threats were not on Hughes, but he offered to help if the gunman came--those are the facts).
--He did not stand on the I-64 overpass before George W. Bush went by (kooks, they do not allow just anybody to do that).

Kids, here it is, and 'ya can't prove a negative! Dummies, the .gov's have to prove you are up to something. May I go to Iowa and get started? Please? Pretty please? Who is this Barack Obama fellow? I am no threat to him. (From a homeless shoping cart? Are you nuts? I am not, but I am trying to run for president next time, if you don't mind, and by the way, Who the hell are you?)

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