Has Obama Resigned Yet? How About Biden?

Hey Nazi skinhead, fixin' to kill the president? Wack some Jews? Did I mention this is WILLIAM V, and your ass is as good as dead?

Hey stalkers, I've got "lists," too! LET'S GO TO THE EAGLETON FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SHALL WE? Why? I am never going to hear what I heard in Clayton, Missouri USA sometime in 2007, ever again. You will never hear it; I will never hear it again. Got it, nutcase I'm maybe killing later tonight (01/06/2011)? A woman was on her stoop, and I was poisoned--a lot. What did she say, Nazi Boy? Commie creep? Hey computer antichrist/anarchist! I am sick of your crap, and I will tell any peace officer I am about to "Do some killin", because the world is at war, and it's not very "secret" from my perspective.

The bitch was on her "cell" phone, and when I make president, we can take a "pod" of e-media to the exact Clayton spy den. What did she say, you big flunked-out of middle school, don't know dick ca ass?

"My dad said he's on the list, but he's still out here walking around."

Did I mention I am the rightful Chief of State in the United Kingdom, and I've declared war on the United States of America?

DSM-5-R nuts, I'd very much like to have a better website to announce such things, but 'ya have to make due when a political prisoner in 1000 Oaks, "Republic of California," maybe USA, maybe not, right Feinstein/Blum?

Let's go to the Q&A:

Q: "Do you think Martin Van Buren had William IV murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Was you grandmother "Maggie" Leonard murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Was your mother Margaret Hughes murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "How many times do you know of murder attempts on your father, Charles Edward Hughes?"
A: "In March of 1987 the 'cover story' was a bad reaction to medication. It was a murder attempt, due to my visit to 420 W. Buffalo, Ithaca New York, USA. In, I believe, November of 1989, I rushed him to the hospital bleeding badly from his nose. I later learned this was from the dirty intelligence community's 'blood pressure spiking drug,' which they gave to me at work for the Missouri Department of Mental Health at Saint Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. A woman named 'ANN RADEN' was behind that, I'm sure."
Q: "What was unusual about the 1989 attempt on your father's life?"
A: "First, he did not want to be treated medically. The Hughes attitude seems to be, unless we are near death, hospitals are to be avoided. I tried to go to sleep, but when he came to my door with a towel soaked in blood, I said, "Jesus dad, let's get going!" (to Christian Hospital Northeast). I could not believe how after losing a lot of blood, he hopped out of the car and walked into the ER, just like shot in the chest Ronald Reagan, and that is a fair comparison, because I am William V, like it or not, USA. I am sure that 'hardiness' is part of why Nazi nutcases and 'rule the world' types steal our DNA and play around in secret."
Q: "And your mother's murder?"
A: "All of the records are in the seized Penske truck, which I should not have to fight World War III over, but I will be happy to do so and emerge victorious in 25 minutes or less, as with pizza delivery. That's a joke, and a bad one."

Got satellites.
Got spies.
Got drones.
Got missiles.
Got nukes.
Therefore, I would highly recommend someone talk to me lawfully and on the record about this before I finalize plans to use WMD's in a just cause. My position is, the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution, and the United Nations works well. Got a "takeover plan?" It is not mine, and shall we all die? EAT PLUTONIUM! LET'S ROCK MOTHERFUCKER!

assassinate another politician? BAD IDEA.
dump a bureaucrat in a dumpster dead? BAD IDEA.
crash another airliner? VERY BAD IDEA.
pass viruses and make "targets" really ill? SICK-O. "CRAZY?" That word is inadequate.
smokey addendum:
Q: "Why did someone torch a Federal Records Center in 1973?"
A:"To destroy Bob Bland's U.S. Army file."
Q: "How long have you known intelligence matters were the problem in your life?"
A: "Since Bob nodded 'yes' to a question of mine about spying from his hospital bed in 1988."

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