Killers, Killers, and More Killers (yawn)

All I know about "The Mafia" is from Coppola's first Godfather movie, however, I fear putting a Bush 41 man dead in a dumpster is going to lead to more BOOM-BOOM. Already, a Pakistani leader is dead? Can't keep up with it from the Thousand Oaks "Dementia Center," but as I told a local wanderer today, it is the safest place to be, though the bum-fodder concrete is truly cold. Is it warmer in Florida? May I move back to Wisconsin? May I put a you-know-what atop my Araine rocket? They already thought of that? Bravo!

The United States Army really does not like me, and the feeling is mutual. So nice to have my own Navy and Air Force. Is that f***ing Army JAG on St. Rita Avenue in jail yet? Not yet? Guess you twits want WWIII. I will return to my Lindenwood College story on http://www.hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com/ in a minute, but first, let's settle this duel, shall we? Soldiers, you have boinked the wrong sluts, and are going to prison. Questions & comments will be handled by my future press secretary. Let's hear this in court...oh, "we" won't? No, we will not, because YOU do not want to be ridiculed, as have I, for way too long. Got nukes? Legal ones? Might use them--period.
Don't call the cops, as even they were surprised by the "V" Thing, and a big help they are not. Did you know I have a right to go to the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri and plan nuclear wars, because that is part of the job description of a position I have applied for? Open your history books, please. Seems WILLIAM IV was the last King to fire the Prime Minister, and buddy, I can do it, too. Wanna eat plutonium?
Have a shitty day,

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