Oops, Civil War

May I have some paper towels in a public building? May I pee in the Wild Cherry? Will the fat secret policelady at Crok '0 shit McDonald's call the policeman? Oh, it's the tubby girl in the cop car that says "Police" on it. I get really confused, because I am clearly mentally ill, but I've never seen this "Sheriff in a cop car" arrangement. Girls, girls, girls. What is the female deputy that has followed me around Ventura County since July, 2008 doing stuffing stuff into a black bag at a fake traffic accident? "Ice plant?" What the hell is that? What the hell is this?

Film at 11.

Maybe I'll put my real MLK piece up on the "other" blog tomorrow, because "day late and dollar short" has turned into "You are surely screwed, because the money be talkin'."--real loud.

Excuse me, Mike the coke dealer is here--maybe I'll call the .gov people.

I saw Enemy of the State, and didn't "Lenny" get killed-off? Why do spies get so excited when I kill-off a character? It's only a movie. Oh, I am "blacklisted." What for? I'll call Hilton. How about Lohan? Surely, she knows.Are they hiding under their desks at Disney yet? How about Sony? They set up the whole town? How did they do that? I'm new at whatever this is. Tinseltown Rebellion isn't really that good an album. Early digital? Horrid, eh Frank? Is he really dead? Man, I thought English was the air traffic language. What are those Columbian pilots saying? Is this legal? No crimes, no spying, lots of torture.

Who's going to jail?

Stay tuned. ("The Dude?" Get real, assholes).

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