Bad Grammar, Kudos To Kate

Now look, old time CIA, I've had enough of this crap. "Gou Bin?" Phonetically like "goo bin?" What does that mean? Col. Stahl? What the hell is this? Charlie, if I kill somebody, will I get in, uh, you know, some type of legal trouble? Yes or no, up or down--no "spy blather." Is it safe to ever dine Chinese again? Oh, only in Beijing. I get it (I think).

True Random Fortune Cookie Grab:
"Someone thinks you are wonderfully mysterious."

Leave it to my street-level advisers to say, "You can't be talkin' all ghetto" (and run for president). Thanks, I already know that. May I read The Economist? CFO? Hey, on Page 104 of the January, 2011 Wired, I've seen a control room, where in the future, "Dark Side" spygirls who have done their time in Club Fed can wear sunglasses indoors and say stuff like, "You turned out to be such an asshole! I shoulda killed your ass when I had a chance." To which I will say, "Girl, I was ready to duck, and and shut the f--- up, we're trying to launch a rocket here."

How about Page 105--mighty informative, in that the Astra satellite farm makes me wonder stuff that only the "Oh my God, the real one is out there! Lock the gates!" crowd off I-270 in Maryland would know. Such powerful dichotomies, as with my slogans, to wit:
a) "They show me everything."
b) "I don't know a damn thing."
puzzle clue: No, it's not a 60 year-old plan, try 244 years old or so. And my help was/is named "Victor..."what? Whew!
What a plan!
What a planet!

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