HHMI 2.0

Don't 'ya hate it when the Tzipi Livni quote you want to juxtapose against the USA's "Who killed Vice Foster?" Secretary of State in her latest trite Middle East blib-blab "disappears"? I found it, but I'd rather complain about stalkers. Hey thugboy, can I get elected on $124 per quarter? Do the math, stupid, and don't jack my ass for a $10 bag of soon to be totally eradicated by Hughes "weed."
To the journal you are not stealing, non-humanoid spying creature:
10:39 a.m.
IF ONE MORE STALKER BOTHERS ME, I WILL a) Crack his skull open; b) Scoop out his brains; c) Mix them with A-1 Steak Sauce purchased at Ralph's; d) Cook them in the Goebel Senior Center's Biliard Room microwave for 5 minutes; e) Eat them out on the patio. (With or without "Andrea Koval" smoking a cig).
Call Moody Court on me?
No, you CRPD terrorists & murderers had better call your lawyers.
King has come.
You be headed to jail. So in jail.

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