What The Hell Are They Thinking? (If they think at all/et al)

This is what the Thousand Oaks Mafia/Illuminati thought.

And this is what they got.

Hughes is tired of apologizing to kooks & creatures for being normal. What's that number? (310) 477-6565. There is a "good they" who knows I can't remember phone numbers at all? That's nice, but you were not in the car riding shotgun when the Secret Service Man was yelling at me. Again, not what you think, ass*ole, so we go to the ever-popular with real detectives Q&A:
Q: "What was the Secret Service man yelling at Hughes about?"
A: "That particular field office dropped the ball."
Q: "On what?"
A: "A few shot and killed U.S. Capitol Police."
Q: "Who was riding their bicycles behind Mr. Hughes at the U.S. Capital Building in 2008?"
A: "The Capitol Police, ding-dong."

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