Nine Dead

Some news stories I pray are "phished," but Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed protesters with thin justification sounds all too familiar, so it's probably true. [Roughly twenty-for hours after this piece was written, sadly, enough is out on Soldier Boy's Internet that it looks to be true--thanks for the paper copy of the Daily News, which is better than the catbox liner-ready Los Angeles Times].

I'm not authoritative? Not a graduate of some august School of International Relations? No, but did you go out with a Shin Bet girl and tell an Israeli fighter jock to "Go to hell" back when Neil Young's song "Hurricane" was new? Didn't think so. "Buy your own damn planes," growled a 21 year-old Hughes over 30 years ago, well before figuring out the obvious.

Let me tell you, it's good to have a Jewish girl who wears Army boots and a French spygirl nearby in case the European policeman need respond. Who stole my letters from them? Never mind. Back to the news of the day, I am quite sure somebody or somebodies do not want me in public life saying this:

"There is no problem in the State of Israel and territories nearby that 300,000 U.S. troops couldn't solve."

And, the amazing thing is, Mossad knows I think this way, so they occasionally hold the door open for me. It's all about long-term security, isn't it?

Have a nice day, and let's stop occupying the wrong countries.

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