Now, Let's Get Ugly

It's the Thousand Oaks morgue of the future, and I do not have "ESP." Oh, it's in Mexico? Where is Mexico? GOT NATIONAL SECURITY? Pardon me for making sense.

I've read, in a month old Los Angeles Times, that a "seige mentality" has taken hold of lawful police officials in Mexico. What is my saying, broadcast only to CRPD rabbits & squirrels?"Shock & awe, in all the wrong places!"


If I get elected, you are going to Mexico, because it is on our/your border, and a neighbor to the south governed by drug thugs and their gangs can't be a good thing.

William C. Hughes a.k.a. WILLIAM V

I now await the cries of "He's crazy!" A person who is fully human does not seem to be permitted to make sense in the Republic of California without much scorn. That's the way of the world out here, which is why everyone has a peculiar learned helplessness when it comes to ground transportation to Independence, Kansas City, or St. Louis, Missouri. Policeman, I encourage another "On Purpose Car Wreck (OPCW), because I will exit the vehicle shooting a big shotgun. [Thought I'd get that out there for the ca "way-out"]

Yes, all is not lost, as I had witnesses today who can attest that another human knows: a) Nancy Pelosi is nuts; and b) Hillary Clinton is fourth (4th) in line to the U.S. presidency in the event of calamity; a situation I view as grave.Speaking of graves, if you are very old and die, just because I was in the same building does not mean I caused someone to expire.

Oh, the spies and their warped logic! May I look up Andrew Jackson's feats on Google next week? And, more folks than MI-6, ISA, the London Metro Police, and other usual suspects know why I am interested in the USA's history during 1829-1837.

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