And I Am Doctor Schwarz

Pray? Did he say pray? Tax exemption? What's that?
Did I really have a conversation with an ambulance driver in April of 1989 en route from CNW to MBMHC? The topic? CALIFORNIA. He was from CA, and I'm from MO, "they" show me everything, and now, USA's Left Coast is in big trouble. Don't know what those acronyms stand for? Too bad. Suffice it to say I worked at one of those places five years later--don't go cuckoo over the "5" CA--and let me tell you, a little old lady can throw a big black guy across the room when she's pissed-off, has Bipolar Affective Disorder for real, and well...she was a tad manic. In California, I call it the "Susan Standard," meaning simply that you have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Where's JESSIE & MARVELLA? All illegal spies, aircraft in flight, and ships at sea seem to know where I am every damn second of the day, yet I do not run spies, so I don't know where to locate the people who tried to "frame" me, not just a few times, but constantly since I turned age 18. I think we can, however, find out where psychiatrist, Peruvian consular representative, and all-around weirdo, DR. LOUIS SCHWARZ is hanging his hat.

When I would call this guy, in the course of my mental health community worker duties, he'd say, in a Germanic, Nazi movie accent, "And who am I speaking to?" To which I'd say, "This is William Hughes," which was followed by, "And...I am Dr. Schwarz." I think it was the little pause between the "and" and the "I" that made those phone contacts truly unique.

Dr. Schwarz' psychotherapeutic advice was also unique, because my SSI recipient, sociopathic, Axis I faker--hello, Washington University Department of Psychiatry--was bilking the State of Missouri & Feds for about $247 in 1993 dollars every time I took him to see the doctor! The doctor visit was basically for sex therapy that I had to suffer through, because I was supposed to help, not with Marvella, who was 15 years or so Jessie's senior, and had...what? A gov'ment job?

Really? The good doctor's diagnosis was "Speedy Gonzales" on ejaculation, and years later, I had ALBERTO GONZALES, who I lovingly call "Alberto VO5" on my ass, and it could not have been legal. Be it Jessie robbing the Medicaid coffers for "treatment," or Gonzales bugging my house, tapping my phones, watching my every mouse click, etc. etc. etc. it wasn' t legal surveillance. And, this bug-a-thon came after the FISA Court sounded like everybody in California, rich & poor, by telling my illegal tormentors and spy-whores, "Get out, and don't come back with more snitching on Hughes, because he's not doing a thing but working as a psychiatric social worker."

Drama! Drama! Aw, for cryin' out loud, then there was the first time ever FISA Review Board case, and blond-headed girlie invisible aide, I guess I need to read it again, because don't you know USA, it was all about me? (Not some A-rab). Do something? What's a poor boy making $24,000 a year working with a U.S. Marine's girlfriend supposed to do about it?

Action? I chatted with my U.S. Air Force spyin' neighbor guy about car repair and air base transportation systems (commonly known as bicycles), figuring I'd be okay, because at that time, I knew about all of the spying and illegal break-in's, having taken to calling 911 St. Rita 2 South in Clayton, Missouri 63105 "Grand Central Station," but I did not know about the Howard Hughes stuff yet, and as for KING WILLIE the V, I'm still "processing" that, as we say in the mental health business, yet this does not prevent me from hollering about putting British rock stars in jail, as well as their Hughes metaphor-laden American counterparts.

By the way, number kooks, if we add-in a modest Missouri mileage reimbursement for my gas-sipping 1990 Mazda 323, that's about $251 to take Jessie to see Dr. Schwarz, and I'm not playing "number kookery" to get "2" and "51"--they are the real figures, you stupid radical fruitcakes. I can't remember how I parted with Jessie; as they often say in court, "To the best of my recollection," my boss just yanked him away and closed the case, because he did not kill me, but could he maybe have been selling cocaine, and I'm supposedly a secret "Mr. Big?"

Oh, did I mention Jessie also got lots of legal drugs from my agency? No, not the CIA, silly. The Central Intelligence Agency's drugs are a lot better than what you get at Walgreens or CVS, and I know firsthand, because they've drugged me with them--more than once. Mr. Big? Not true, and are you ready America, plus Peru?.....THEY'RE GOIN' TO JAIL! SO IN JAIL!!!

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