Delay of Game...Offense

Now, according to some idiot named "Bass," I'm "psychotic," and need the Salvation Army's comprehensive faith-based services? No, I need a lawyer. As we said in the old neighborhood, "I need a [fill in the blank] yesterday." Selling drugs, were you? At the HARBOR LIGHT Sal Army program in Saint Louis, Missouri, that is. No wonder they hid from Mr. Hughes upon visitation as the man who worked for "The State," and would never answer the phone. So in jail!!!

Thanks to the Janss & Moorpark Starbucks Gang, plus suspected radiation from what I've termed the "Cuckoo Dish." Oh, you've got ear rings that look like it, boys, and it does not exist? Uh huh. And, "Lion Den Dan" saying, "Your mind is right," doesn't hurt either. Thanks. Excuse me while I put a few more in the Tower of London before running for president. Complicated? Not really.

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