Nuclear: I Can Even Pronnounce It Right

The new, much larger, probably improved "football."

It is offensive to own Boeing and vacillate on the "flying thing." I think all of the D-fence industry knows my "DNA test" will be to fly around a bit and land with absolutely no formal instruction. Some ass is going to arrest me? Ever heard of a publicity stunt? Oh, the "Bill Hughes Exception" will require a long prison sentence for that stunt, but gate crashers at the White House get TV shows? I'm nuts? The "men in the white coats" should try knocking at the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, if you ask me. Nobody asked, but I sure hope I'm "free" to Google-blog that I think the President of the United States is plenty nuts.

How about a blue & white F-15, International Association of Machinists? Now we're talking, and at risk of sounding like Lohan's dad, never has a so much been made out of two DUI's, a bit of lip reading, and Carls's Jr. salads. Back to CHESTNUT HEALTH SYSTEMS in Granite City, Illinois, circa 2005, I wondered why the History Channel kept showing their "9/11 special" and the "nuclear football" special over and over and over and over.....

Now I wonder who owns the network that owns the history channel, and through the miracle of Soldier Boy's Internet, I am sure I can eventually find out. Memory. Memories. Like a computer, the human brain runs programs in the background and retrieves information. So, nosey Thousand Oaks kook-spooks, what's the latest H-man revelation?

Pilgrims, I told the "back end" of my Richard M. Nixon one month after the moon landing wave right in front of me story long ago, but now, here's the "front end." In my previous piece on AbolishTheCIA.org, I noted Nixon had so much old-fashioned television makeup already on when he drove by in an open vehicle waving, he looked like an anti-war caricature of the real thing. It was an orange-ish hue on that most famous face as he drove by on Market Street near the Cervantes wonder of the world Spanish pavilion, a building locals couldn't figure as to why it went from the World's Fair to near Busch Stadium. It became part of the MARRIOTT later, whatever that might mean.

Back to August, 1969, over my right shoulder was the Buder Building, but I shall not detail any more about that structure, nor the Wainright Building here. Why am I writing about this again? Because after the secret Service guy walked past with a thinner attache case, and I exclaimed to my 14 year-old pal, "Hey! There's a machine gun in there!" another--for lack of better terms--"gaggle," or "huddle" of men with suits on went by.

Yes, they did, and thanks to "Nick Danger" and the Starbucks gang for running the biological RAM by simply tossing a football around on the Janss & Moorpark parking lot. Let's phrase it as a question and comment. Does the United States Government walk the nuclear command & control code "football" past you about 16 feet away, with nothing but air between you and "it?" No, they don't, because you are not Howard Hughes' grandson, are you?

People, it's just another case of, "I saw it, but did not know what it was" (until later, in this case approximately 41 years later). Why did I have to step-off the distance between myself and the football on Janss Road in Thousand oaks, California as a homeless man? Don't know, do you?

p.s. Hey soldiers, how many times was I nearly murdered over HUGHES SCREENPLAY #7 d.b.a. II, because my Rita character steals the nuclear attack codes, and an old gray-haired character in a helicopter over Washington D.C. yells, "The codes, they can't change them!"

It's a screenplay, stupid. Wanna buy it?

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