Mafia Non-Verbal Defamation

Are you ready for my story of the friendly ex-AT&T "Verizon Man" who gave up quite a bit about Big Telecom spyin' that you so-called "rational" people don't think goes on. Yes, it payed for me to keep "Ma Bell" and gain a helpful defector in conquering Concord, New Hampshire. This will come in handy if we all live to see January, 2012.

Time is the enemy of the Hughes, so let's wrap up one fact: No more than twenty-eight (28) consecutive days are allowed in a California hotel. So, when I checked-out of the America's Best Value hotel for one night as recommended by "Doris," the disappearing manager from Panama, when you depart on a Sunday in the a.m., then return after a James Bond movie-worthy 24 hours at the Holiday Inn Express, it absolutely cannot:

A) Be Thursday
B) Then be Tuesday

C) Then be Thursday again--in less than 48 hours

Hey USA & EU, let's drop the "crazy" talk and may I please talk to some Quantum Physicists, before they are selling "Wormhole Generators" at Best Buy. And, to much dismay, even my best California helper does not know who "they" are. The problem? Many "they's," both public and private, with sci-fi technologies today that spawned from mine. Yes, mine, as in property rights, private property, privacy, inheritance, DNA, the Law, which is non-existent in California without big mobbies in tow, and this will all be true tomorrow as well, just like the cup of better than in the 1970's McDonald's coffee will be .64 cents U.S. (if you have enough gray hair for the "Senior Discount).

Ready, Mafia? The missile shall say HUGHES on it again, and we'll get into that more tomorrow, because as is so often the case, hackers robbed me, not of money, which I do not have (yet), but time. Meantime, I'll see you at the 2014 Super Bowl later this morning, you idiots.

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