Nazi Pope 2.0

From the "It's a Fact Department": A JODY SOLBERG had a big Labrador retriever doggie, and asked if I wanted to "party" with the "wild" member of the BUSCH family. I basically told her I drank Busch, not Michelob, and wondered aloud why I would want to let my considerable hair down with a guy who was: A) Rich, like really rich; and B) Was rumored to have killed his girlfriend and got away with it.

Later, and it is all about the timeline, in 1982, I bet a quart of beer on the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS v. GREEN BAY PACKERS NFL Playoff game. (The Cardinals are in Arizona now, right McCain?). Bet on something? Me? It was only a quart of beer--Old Style, I think--but I lost, because the guy who drove the injured player cart got busy that day hauling Cardinals (dirty football, anyone?). So, I put the beer in the "reach-in" cooler at HOWARD JOHNSON'S (orange roof) for Manager DAN SOLBERG. The Name Game: Aba daba do blab a, beep bop do dad a.....

Let's "do it again," like the Steely Dan song (Fagan & Becker? So in jail!).

Q: Why did the Pope visit St. Louis, Missouri, of all places?

A: The old Pope already knew the new Pope would be a Nazi, and why did Mr. Hughes find out about this only very recently, thanks to some mystery man out in front of VONS who noted the new Pope is Cardinal Ratzinger? Will hollering "Nazi Pope" put me back in good standing with all of the Jews trying to get at my fortune? Stay tuned, because you all know my political slogans by now, such as: "I don't get out much, and Soldier Boy is mighty stingy with his Internet." Ratzinger? It goes to show that reading propaganda in The Nation & New Republic does help, because, as with RUPERT MURDOCH, I already had a good idea what this Pope is up to in the 1980's. ESP? No, it's called "intelligence," like spies and stuff. Again, I don't do it, but I sort of know about it.

Q: Why did William V (me) get to see the Pope's bomb-sniffin' robot close up?

A: His (John II) "people" knew Hughes was at the Barnes & Noble right next to I-170. And, for the record, the Popemobile was "blacked out." (All California spies with black SUV's can now be envious, because Popes & Presidents don't make it a point to drive past you. They don't care about you, and neither do I).


Q: What day did two F-15e's "trim the trees" in Mr. Hughes' backyard at 911 St. Rita in beautiful Clayton, Missouri? BTW, will South Korea be ordering any more? The boss is...just wondering.

A: July 5, 2005.

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