Think I Won't? I Just Did

More "NEXTEL Boys?" Up it goes, girls. And BTW, "So in jail!"

1. “JUSTIN,” who is a damn killer, stinks up the Computer Lab like a dead chicken, so it can be alleged falsely that “Hughes stinks” (very poor “spy code”).
2. The “MAFIA GIRLS” (self-admitted), arrive for Canasta.
3. “T[ ]” left to go snitch on a wretched spook, I have no doubt, after basically accusing me of wanting to kill someone when YOU CAN’T HEAR ME, EVEN IF I SAID IT. What I said, after “T[ ]” amended “yelling” to talking “loud,” which is “Spy Talk,” and none of the computer spy’s business, was, USA, you are getting new legal terms soon, like “Normal Acoustic Means” and, oh Lord, you will learn about “Damping,” "Decibels," “Baffles,” “Ambient Noise,” plus satellites & stuff. Want missiles, too? You'll get them up your butt, if I don't hear what one family Chieftain called, SILENCE!!!
4. Now, 4:13 p.m. Nassau time (Bahamas, not NY), where I have lots of money and a way to get it (hint, hint).
5. Get ready, get set, and now, jack the computer passwords, so I am still “incommunicado under the Negro.”
6. The Maf-IA Billiard Room has reopened ahead of schedule, after, I think, DIA boys installed some .gov bugs in there. This is good, in my opinion, and that is all that matters, a—hole. (However, revisions in U.S. Law allowing the Defence Intelligence Agency to run "wild" in the land does take away traditional “Dark Side” business. Maybe this is just a big labor dispute, eh?)
7. And by all means, prepare to say I am "crazy," and not the you-know-what of you-know-where.

As you hard core sociopaths defame me 24/7, have a nice day. paintball? What paintball?

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