Chrome Dome

I'd like to download GOOGLE CHROME, but at the Thousand Thieves senior center, I lack "Administrative Approval," and I do not fight City Halls or Park Boards. However, I am free to brag--I think--that in one glorious day, there may be no more FBI, DEA, or CIA. And, I would not be "done" yet; I'd listen to those liars at the DIA beg for their bureaucratic lives, NSA would be powered-down for two weeks, and while I do not "suck-up" to the State Policeman, he/she would be getting a big increase in that direct deposit out of all the federal layoffs.

Oh, "they" would say you can't change the passcode to all DOJ computers and hire new lawyers, but I would. And, you really can't allege MCKINLEY, JFK, and REAGAN things about your own Secret Service, but yes I could, and Getty Images is more than ready for a photo of the two local cop cars at the White House gate, are they not? "Change is good," they told WILLIAM V at layoff & discharge time, and I could damn well say it as president. China? Russia? A-rabs? "Attack, what attack?" I'd say, because, "I just talked to them, and what the hell are you talking about?" As they told me during a 1985 visit to Pittsburgh, we'd simply be "Re-tooling."

Okay, Cuckoo-Birds, when are Federal Marshals going to remove the Mental Health Coordinator case files from the building pictured above? For your convenience, the address is: 5400 Arsenal Street, Saint Louis, MO 63139. Why do that? Let's forget for a moment the vast majority of my investigations involved "Nick Danger" activities that included asking the policeman for help, arguing with the policeman, riding with the policeman...excuse me, policewoman, nearly getting tossed lifeless from the Secret Service Man's car for reminding him how their St. Louis Field Office dropped the ball on a nutcase, and as an ugly consequence, the U.S. Capitol got shot-up, with several Capitol Police killed.

Ah, long memories those agencies have, as many AbolishTheCIA.org visitors enjoyed my "awesome" shot of the Congressional dome, but that's not the whole story. How about a "cabal" of real Langley CIA Kids who thought it was a "spy movie." Cute girls on the park bench? Sorry honey, that's a bad flick. Hypnotized, robotic USAF marching around stiffly? They are in charge of nukes? As momma said, "We'll see about that."

How about the Capitol cops riding around on their bicycles? And, I think the appropriate expression would be, "Watching my back." Did they know of the centerfold-ready bicycle cop case? I entertained the troops with my monologue about how she called me for no reason, I called her for no reason, and the bottom line that brought down the house, or at least my office staff was, "I don't care how good lookin' she is, or that she's a cop, because there would be a gun on the nightstand, and I'm not doing that!"

ESP? No, just a "reasonable man." Back to the files, one murdered client ought to be enough, don't you think? No? How about the case where a D-fense contractor guy's depressed wife was trying to warn me of the upcoming 9/11 "Attacks Upon the United States," but "chickened out." Oh, I'm wrong, Vandenberg AFB kooks? Why did the husband call me again with one World Trade Center Tower down, and one to go? Why?

Hey Pentagon, let's get "cosmic." Why did I white-out names to preserve confidentiality, scan the document, and send it to a spygirl over Soldier Boy's Internet to prove I worked my ass off all day on 9/11/2001, paid scant attention to NY/DC "terrorism," behaved in a rather James Bond-ish manner when the security guys breathlessly said, "We've secured the grounds," was the last one to leave the building, saw gasoline priced rather high on the way home as pandemonium hit our fair city's gas stations, thought, "You can't do that," and once home on Alamo, immediately started ranting about the FAA, USA's air defences, fighter planes with no missiles on them, etc. etc. etc.?

I don't know why I talk to spies when I'm sure that is what they are, but if you are looking for explanations, consider I did not know I'm Howard's grandson at the time (2001), but now (2010), I sure act like it all of the time, right Ventu County? I don't ask many questions, but what I really want to know now is who's on the manifest for Air Force One that famous day.

Yes ma'am, they taught me in Kindergarten to not watch fires, because the arsonist often comes back to observe his or her handiwork. Operating on the same theory, where would a very bad girl be on the day of a really big show to be "above suspicion?" As the intro to TV-land's Fantasy Island went, "Boss, the plane."

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