Why Didn't They Name Me Howard?

Why is it that when any browser literate person chooses to GOOGLE "Saint Louis County Government Center," there is no image? "Read it and weep".....I like that expression, and as for the photo above, I can say, "I drove on that road many times." Plus, as papa said, "I've almost died many times," and now, that is true for me as well, yet we've only run one president out on his ass? What did those Frenchies say? Oh, that's right: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

I want to give all of the citizenry a preview of my Mental Health Coordinator (MHC) tales, as the old bosslady recently passed away after a long illness, the nature of which was never disclosed to me. Her boss is likely, as Leon Russell sang, "Goin' back to Tulsa one more time," and all persons above him on the MO .gov scammer totem pole are -- ALL TOGETHER NOW -- "So in jail!!!"

File for Guardianship/Conservatorship? If I should end up president, who's running the show? My "guardian," who's no angel? So many mental health stories, so little time. Wasn't V71.09 "No Diagnosis?" Though the Maf-IA seems to be saying , "No movies for you," we all like previews, so here's the "scoop." I count 23 of what I'd call "Mental Health Archetypes," or more accurately, "Ways to Get Hughes Killed With Good Cover." Yes, Number Kooks, grandma did live on 23rd Street, but settle down. And, I did name a screenplay character CAMILLE before Kelsey Grammer's wife filed for divorce. At least that will soon be one where I won't have to ask, "Is she single?" (and easy on the eyes as well, fellahs).

The following preview is "G" Rated, and is part of my "Out You Go Show," which in another era was called "Watergate." Oh, I can't do it? I shall embargo a story called "The Scintillating CENTCOM Girl" until later.


You know something isn't quite right when you call the policeman's non-emergency seven-digit number, and the whole force comes out. Thus it was in Maplewood, Missouri during 2002, as the policeman in a community where I resided briefly (1978-79) apparently did not want my butt killed, or perhaps someone was spoiling someone else's police killing.

Yes, I'm sure it was a Mossad Man who came into 7900 Forsyth as I was looking up property records, and said, "You can do this from home, can't you?" To this I said, "Yes, you can," and out the door he went. Since I am honest to a fault, I will readily admit I was there because: A) My "Brick Network" 56k dial-up connection was at times as low as 8k, and 36k at best with a good tailwind; B) I like to flirt with the African-American female county employees; and C.) Drama! Drama! (I can do it too...I can do it better than you, because I'm Howard's grandson).

I believe those documents are called "deeds," but the Hughes man seldom has one, because apparently we are not allowed to own a home. Consequently, Howard had a big house in California that he abandoned by train in the middle of the night (long story, right Army Man?), and Charles had a home in the form of a city he really likes, but no house. "I never got a pile of bricks," he'd say, and given Brick Network was my Internet provider after they bought-up FASTRANS, a trucking company offering dial-up i-net service, I felt compelled to file a federal lawsuit myself, because it was only $350.00, I had the money, and it was very educational.

Hey fellahs, the federal courts have "secret code," too! With me, it was, "He doesn't know the difference between night and day!" (like Howie at times, because you worthless dropout soldiers would f--- with the man so much). William (that's me) has no house, no home, and no friends. Don't you know they planned it that way, you fool? This stuff can happen when you basically own the world, and a Chinese guy even left me a hint at 911 St. Rita in the form of a bathroom light pull chain that had a little globe on the end. World on a string? Not yet, but stand by.

Back to the story, the Carriage House Girl case starts with a carriage house, because in 1974 a guy named "QUINN" drove a new Monte Carlo (gambling?) on Assistant Manager I.H.O.P. pay, and an 18 year-old version of me asked, "How did you get that new car?" He spoke of "mother" a lot, who was probably wealthy, and he lived in a...what? A carriage house in a West End neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

Quinn's allegation, repeated often? I was selling drugs, because I did not rush out and cash my weekly paycheck. No, they fed me on campus, and I am not "cheap," but let's say, no not "frugal"...how about, "Good with money?" And, in this manner, the constant drugs, drugs, drugs, whispering campaign steamed out of port. Even today, I just can't seem to sink that ship, due to highly unconstitutional laws like FISA, PATRIOT, THE NATIONAL SECURITY ACT OF 1947, etc. etc. etc.

Did I really write an e-mail to Phyllis Schlafly? Yes, I did, and it was laudatory. Oh, I'm still a dreaded "liberal," but I will never like our current president much. Is that alright with you? By the way, F--- you, and would you please mind your own business? So, we have the carriage house, and the woman in question supposedly has: a) Schizophrenia; and b) Won't come out of the (carriage) house. So, fellow mental health pros, we've got a maybe won't come out, and maybe won't take her meds case. She did not have to tell me she had been...what? OVERSEAS IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE.

Alrighty, and two home (carriage house) visits established she was: A) Seeing her doctor (psychiatrist); and B) Had medication (I saw it) in the (carriage) house. However, unlike E. FULLER TORREY, I was not going to call in a "shot patrol" and force psychotropic medication on her if she was not a danger to herself or others. QUESTION: Did staying in the (carriage) house a lot pose a danger to anyone? Was she living in squalor? No, it was a nice little (carriage) house, and squalor is a RAY ADAMS "code word," isn't it? Never mind.

So, NO SQUALOR + NO DANGER = NO COURT FILING, NO HOSPITALIZATION (read civil detention). Now, on to the RODENT boyfriend, who said he wasn't that, but owned the house. Hardly any furniture, I noticed. Did he think I had just fallen off a turnip truck? Citizens of USA, if your neighbors have little or no furniture, they very well might be ILLEGAL SPIES.

A third call to visit this particular (carriage) house, and.....what was the "cover story?"She's about to kill herself, despite giving the state's experienced mental health evaluator (me) no indication of such an idea or plan. The story, as is often the case with .mil spook spies, didn't sound right, so when the policeman came, he came 8-9 officers strong, to deal with a 5' 4" female. Yes, something sure was going on. "Go home, Hughes," said the Captain, "We'll handle this."

Consequently, after the mandatory "huddle" to let all of that blue know what I knew about this odd case, I did in fact go home, feeling, believe it or not, a bit guilty, having called it a day an hour early. The next day, I called ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL, an SSM hospital, and spoke with the "psych ward." She was there, and don't get me going about St. Mary's. [No, let's rock. Did you have to act like you were going to kill my father, but did not? Did the doctor have to avoid me after his aortic aneurysm was fixed with PCV pipe, the warranty for which is...IN THE SEIZED PENSKE TRUCK ON OLYMPIC AVENUE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA. mafia! mafia! Did you have to remove the hospital coffee shop that was a refuge for me from spies, spies, and more spies at KALDI'S ("call-die...get it?" NSA does), SAINT LOUIS...what? "BREAD" (m-o-n-e-y) COMPANY, known elsewhere as "PANERA" (Pan-ERA? Pan-ER-A?) Are you crazy? I'm not. And, did the SSM nuns have to put a damn RUSSIAN SPY in there to hike-up her skirt and give away the fact USAF Girl wanted to.....what? Kill me? Then, the same Ruskie gal wrecks my car in Agoura Hills, California? Did she really stand out front of the Thousand Oaks, California senior center many months later, stare at me a long time, then sit down? What does that mean? May I run for president, please, because Governors Huckabee/Pawlenty & Palin do not have to do this kind of stuff, do they? Yet another Hughes-ism: Charlie knows places, William knows faces. Am I done yet? Is Obama still in there? Whatever; and don't try to toss me out of Starbucks over that one word again, because I can call the cops, too].

Back to the story, about a month later, when my NISSAN 240SX went past the house with the carriage house, a "For Sale" sign was out front. "Gone like the wind," said me momma, and I guess she wasn't talking about the movie. Yes, the deed and Saint Louis County Government Center are still there, and California, I am quite sure the building has not been "disappeared" by flyin' triangle riding E.T.'s.

FACT: I am running for president, and someday, somebody at the United States Air Force is.....guess what? GOIN' TO JAIL!!!

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