Festus Firetruck


"Even a (Milton) Friedmanite free-trader should be able to see the disaster all around us and ask: What benefit does America receive from these mountains of imported goods to justify the terrible damage done to our country and countrymen?...is there any evidence they [Republicans] have learned anything about economics from the disastrous Bush decade? Do they have any ideas for a wholesale restructuring of U.S. trade and tax policy, for a course correction to prevent America's continuing decline?"

Who said it? Pat Buchanan, not me.

Who closed California's mental hospitals? Some said PETE WILSON, some said RONALD REAGAN. Hey dummies: “In 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS), which went into effect in 1969 and quickly became a national model. Among other things, it prohibited forced medication or extended hospital stays without a judicial hearing."

That's per "Ernie's Place," which is quoting the San Francisco Chronicle. Don't all of Obama's political prisoners love the Internet? I sure do, or I might be caught spray-painting graffiti or something of that nature. The homeless vets in Florida have their own newspaper, I bought it when I was a normal person, but if I tried that in California, it might be a case of, "You're under arrest, for starting an unauthorized newspap.....

Wait a minute, is this a nightmare? I'm not waking up...Hey! Help! Hello. Anybody out there? Did I write a whopper 600 page manuscript called Shame of the Sane about all of that stuff? Yes, and in CA, I got food poisoned at BURGER KING by a Whopper, but complained to the wrong county (Ventura), later discovering that "No U-Turn Capital" Agoura Hills is in Los Angeles County, but I knew already the burger "king" was British. F--- you, too, Prince Charles.

Can you on the street fakers please shut the f--- up about SSI & LSD, because why would I want to talk about either, except to tell your crazy ass how to get on the increasingly popular Social Security gravy train? Did somebody named [what?] say one-third of USA's manufacturing jobs went bye-bye since the trumped-up y2k panic? Hey pal, my Windows 95 clock survived intact, by the way. And, why am I giving out free, unlicensed social service advice all of a sudden? I'm a nice guy? No, I'm not, I 'm a mean, vindictive, SOB who is tired of being artificially short of breath. Dying slowly out here in Kook-LA-land? Yes sir, and nobody gives a rat's ass.

Oh, excuse me, I'm "Bipolar" bad, and forgot to tell the Festus story. California kooks, here is why we've been discussing the cost effectiveness of a friendly mental hospital lately. Did I nearly get murdered for telling a police Captain his 6 or 8 hours of mental health training did not stack-up well against thousands and thousands of (my) highly skilled hours? Water under the bridge, and now, here's the story that should be instructive to Sacramento, but I think they've been busy plotting revolutions and insurrections with GANNETT. Did I say that? Yes, I just did, and I'm not sorry I am right.

After many visits from the policeman, fireman, and EMS, Hughes got the call. Man at nursing home, gonna kill 'em all. I talked to the head nurse first, because this sounded serious. Upon finding the gray hooligan, I saw him...in a wheelchair? Uh, how much damage can you do under those circumstances? Anyway, in about not many minutes, this vet was grinning, because he was simply threatening the staff due to their incompetence, which you are allowed to do if you say it nicer.

On to his game quickly, I was, and "The Deal?" A) Watch his visitors closely, to see that they did not bring in a g-u-n; and B) Treat the man with more respect. Yes, after God only knows how many Jefferson County, Missouri dollars had been spent on 911/EMS response, I went down the road past a.....lime green fire truck. Watching, boys? Doing a little spyin'? Spy firemen? Say it ain't so, Joe! Anyway, follow-up is "key" in social work, especially when spy rats wanted my $2,000,000 AIG insurance coverage to pay out over a dead body or two. AIG? Let's don't talk about them without a roomful of sharks, uh, I mean junkyard dog lawyers--working for me, William Charles Hughes.

Yes, I called the dumb nurse Rached about a month later, and her two-word report on psycho-vet was, "Doing fine."

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