Bad Karma, Bad Cover

Washington University in St. Louis. Don't I love them--no I don't. $200 to participate in a rodentia maximus research project? What did the psychologist lady say? AFTER she supposedly turned-off the camera & audio recorder? She asked, "Have you ever had any type of paranormal experience?"

As the Hughes HH eyes were cast upward, and I was about to say, "No," there was the "prompt" of, "You know, like strange dreams, ghost stories, things like that." Oh, I get it honey, like the JOHN LENNON haunting. It's a bit like my o-n-e (1) UFO sighting in Colinga, California during August, 2008 (exact date stolen, of course). Ho, ho, ho! Didn't the USAF run to their satellites and say, "Holy cow, Batgirl! That one was real!!!" (Unlike the Army Boy drones above Lake Cayuga in 1986).

CAUGHT! It's the favorite word in the Hughes alphabet. Is Obama still there? No rush.

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  1. Do you care about anyone else but yourself? I can't believe these narcissistic rants are all that's left of the compassionate, ethical guy I used to know. It's so damned depressing and sad. And the racist/sexist slant of everything...hard to believe I ever shared life and laughter with the person who's writing this crap.
    But kudos on spelling and grammar. You're well above the fray of ranters there...