Instant Karma? How About "Instant Impeachment"?

Would the President of the United States lock me out of my hughesforpresident2012@yahoo.com box? Sure he would, because--and I'm no "Tea Bag Man"--he is, in my constitutionally protected opinion, a dope-dealing, dumbass, failed socialist. "Community Organizer?" Try organizing Chicago wards to efficiently sell crack cocaine, I suspect, and tell me I'm wrong when President Bush liked to pretend to murder me, but this guy (BARACK OBAMA) does try for real, just about every day.

Listen moron, do you want to face down a dozen or so board certified psychiatrists IN COURT who will ALL say, "Hughes was perfectly sane when I worked with him"? Though rumor holds the local LUTHERAN SS Nazi Lady thinks stress CAUSES mental illness, when that is one of the bigger shibboleths in the mental health field, she can be delusional if she wants, and draw a pithy salary running a "fake" homeless program, because this is ostensibly a "free" country, but not if your name is "Hughes."

The Sheriff will take "MS. TUNA" away from 80 Hillcrest for a 24 or 72 hour respite if she has a "breakdown," I presume, because that is mental health crisis work, California-style. Oh, did we not, Officer Friendly, wrangle on one word in the "Show Me State" more than once? It was.....drumroll, please: REQUEST. I could "request" the guy who wanted to burn up a nursing home be transported to the psychiatric Emergency Room (5351 Delmar), but I could not order the valiant police Captain to do a damn thing.

Why wouldn't they take that guy? How many angels fit on the head of a pin? No, it wasn't that discussion, policeman, it was to BLAME ME WHEN THE FREAKIN' PLACE BURNED TO THE GROUND!!! How many times can you say, on-call from the little home office I used to have at 6411 Alamo, "In my clinical judgment, as the Mental Health Coordinator, you should take this man to the hospital. Officer, I am requesting you take him immediately." WHAT'S THAT CALLED? CYA = Cover Your Ass, and the Emperor's ass is mighty bare in D.C., isn't it, spies & Maf-IA?

So, after my 2003 statewide nonsensical (except "Get Hughes") layoff, I tried to get a job in Washington State, where the mental health guy can ORDER police to take dangerous crazies away, but I got double-talk, a job recruitment letter from the same place they shot
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in Oregon (very funny), then a big rotten spygirl wanted to move to Seattle, and why was that, Mr. President? BECAUSE SEATTLE IS NUKED IN A 100% FICTIONAL SCREENPLAY I HAD STARTED AT THE TIME, FINISHED A YEAR AGO, AND DAMN IT, SCARLETT, I AM GOING TO MAKE A F---ING MOVIE SOMEDAY! ("SPOILER ALERT": You get blown out of your stadium seat, per mandatory movie chain decibel levels written into the contract during Act I, then the nuke goes off again in Act III. All this and more for $10 U.S., and I cannot go see my own movie with a starlet unless I get out of Ralph's Cart #729, right MICHELLE OBAMA? Right!)

What did I say regarding a run for the presidency in 1985? "I'll give it a shot."

People, I am not "on the streets" in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village, CA to be murdered at your convenience, I am running for president early, like Governor Palin, yet in a rather unorthodox manner, I'll admit. Unfortunately, the "all things Hughes" budget is not in my control at present, though it is very much like the California "camp followers" don't know there are federal limits on what I can donate to my own campaign. Another slogan: "Hughes followed the rules, now he shall make the rules," because honey, that's how it works when you've got all the gold. "Take out" the Mafia? Palin's not saying that, is she? Good God, the woman does not even make sense, but I do, yet I have to deal with some nutty woman reading Ezechiel out of the Holy Bible right next to me. What is "stalking," Mr. Prosecutor? Oh, I'm not famous? Get real!!!

And Obama, would you please get out of my White House? Not yet? When?

Don't I know from bitter CHESTNUT LODGE, excuse me, Illinois CHESTNUT HEALTH experience, I will be "locked-out" for 24 hours if I try the jacked Yahoo code too may times...maybe I will try it right now and see if I can send a hacker to jail...DRAMA! DRAMA!..."error #1," it said, but I thought the POTUS had better things to do, like.....

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