M? Really? Thanks, Temple of Gloom

Hey COX COMMUNICATIONS, who was that dedicated engineer at the City Council Meeting remote broadcast long ago? Ever very small-time politician had his own microphone, because Hughes, yeah, that Hughes, brought an extra mixer. Now, I'm ready to rent a cement mixer from Maf-IA, if 'ya get what I mean. What was that question asked in my yellow 1968 Chrysler Newport? Politics? Don't think so. I could end-up what? What did you say in 1974? The "P" word? Really?
M? Really? Thanks, because I really did see a Bond movie as a homeless man where the plot involved "M," the "we don't tell our citizenry much about spying" boss going out of her office into the field and getting into a lot of trouble. Yes, I saw it. And, I have long hollered MI-6 gayboys are the cause of some, if not all, of my troubles. I am unfortunately "guilty" of complaining about the current "M" very likely being a female. As my former U. City/Clayton man about town Mr. Baron would say, "They (MI-6) don't like me too much."

How can you top life imitating art as I've grown way too used to the "spy stare-down," when I am simply trying to get what is mine, as with Hughes Tool Company and Hughes Aircraft Company, the latter now d.b.a. Boeing. Despite rampant criminality in the Bush (R) [He retired? Wrong!] Obama (D) [Big Negro Socialist? Yes!] Terrorist State, USA, I remain distinctively uninterested in the California "diet" of drugs & whores, yet antique cars are rust-free, and gosh, look at all of the planes, planes, planes, but the no doubt enormously expensive USAF "B-3" is to be heard and not seen, again, if you get what I mean.

Me? Spy? You gotta be kidding! What I "get," as with comprehend, is if Japan finds herself broke by 2015, as predicted, swearing me in during January, 2017 will do you no good. Way too late, spendthrifts. Like one homeless dude out here says, "The riots are gonna start," and he might be right. Who was staring at me at you-know-where? This matter somehow reminds me I have missed my annual screening of Fail Safe.

Pretty, English accent, legs that were not unattractive, but indicated many hours spent in the gymnasium, or perhaps U.K. spy-ladies "pump iron." Oh my, a bodyguard to boot, equally "buff," and still looking feminine. Outstanding! (If a movie, that is). However, this is my one and only real life, and she's naughty, that girl, isn't she? Sir Ringo (or is it properly "Richard") and Sir Paul I trust agree, this looks like yet another case of admittedly grandiose...

...five...four...three...two...one...All together now...SO IN JAIL!!!

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