The Nearly Non-Verbal Follow-Up

WILLIAM V is the big "Mafia Man?" Is California insane? Are you literate? Do you speak English? Can you comprehend an FBI Background Check, which the candidate has passed many times? What don't you get about "Child Molester Check," and as my "reward," then I am followed around by sexual predators. I'm sure Sociopaths don't like my plan for the WILLIAM HUGHES PSYCHOPATHIC TREATMENT INSTITUTE, or WHPTI for short. I like the "PTI" as phonetically the same as "pity," because I have none for Drug Thugs, spies who spy for a bottle of vodka, Murder Inc. types, and so forth. Oh, I can't lock you up forever as a civil action after 30, 35, or 40 times in the jailhouse? Read Kansas v. Crane and weep--a lot--because I think the probable new Supreme Court lady likes the idea.


Here we go kids, into the gutter. Ready? "Set?"

1) THE SKATEBOARD NEARBY. MOBBY EXPLANATION: I am "skating" on what crime? Ask the "Great Cop Computer in the Sky"--there are none.

2) SCOOTERS. MOBBY EXPLANATION: I'm "scooting" to an illicit empire. No, I'm scooting to the Eagleton Federal Courthouse, after Obama is a private citizen once more (sooner than you think), and don't close the courthouse early, as that Yale prankster Bush did to me in Washington, D.C.

3) KISSING & HUGGING, or PDA's (Public Displays of Affection). MOBBY EXPLANATION: A girlie mobster is protecting me, and we are lovie-dovie. No, you are getting arrested and prosecuted.

4) CHILDREN & BABIES NEARBY. MOBBY EXPLANATION: No shooting my ass today. No, of course not, because it is you who are hypnotized, crazy, or a "weenie." I'm not brave, but I do, however, want my capital--NOW.

5) OPEN DOORS. MOBBY EXPLANATION: Get in the limo, car, or SUV and all will be well. Oh yeah? From in front of the North Hollywood Post Office during May, 2008, to creeps in the Janss & Moorpark area of Thousand Oaks recently, you are deluded, not me. Get in the car? I'll see St. Peter when I'm good and ready, you greasy ass h-les.

6) BENDING & STOOPING. MOBBY EXPLANATION: The message is, "You can sneak up behind me; you are not my enemy." Oh yeah? Don't you want to buy HUGHES SCREENPLAY #8, where the female running a happy family for an oh so likable candidate turns out to be a "deep cover" spy, gets hubby blown away following the...ahem...California Primary, and as he is dying, he asks, "Why did you do it?" Final line of the script, please....."It's my job." Now...three, two, one...steal it! And, don't give me a dime, HollyMafia. Yeah, mobby cowpoke, make my day.

7) TEENAGERS PLAYING NEARBY. MOBBY EXPLANATION: I am a "teen," because I am new to the world of spying, and to make this point, local Mob Kids will make like unruly juvenile delinquents as they play, because their moms & dads are Master Race Mafia, therefore, their offspring do whatever they want, especially constantly try to steal more from Hughes. Good "Scrubby Dutch" Lutherans, eh? Why do your kids get left on the curb when a "T.O." home gets foreclosed on? "Where did mom and dad go?" I've asked more than once. They reply with pale, already drug abuser faces (at age 12-16), "I've got their cell phone number." Yes, until VERIZON or SPRINT turns it off. What then? People, this is worse out here than you may think, and Grapes of Wrath pales in comparison, if you ask me. I thought Obama was a case of "Carternomics" all over again, but it is worse. Far worse.

FINE PRINT NOTE TO USA's APATHETIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM: It's starting to look like a deeply embedded "they" really wants to kill me now, not just run what I nicknamed, "One-Act Plays." Thanks for not much.

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