My Murder Theme Park

Hey USAF, while the contrail cuckoos have settled down, and my astronomy is rusty, it seems the Moon HH helped NASA land on--or at least we saw it live thanks to grandpa--kind of is here and there and everywhere, as well as in different phases too soon. Heavens to Betty! No phases of the moon on the senior center calendar? As my Lindenwood history professor said about me not being interested in joining the Langley CIA, "That figures."

A four murder threat day (07.20.10), followed by rather realistic-looking choreography on the Murder Inc. stock market today (07.21.10) = more true stories, in hoping I get my Talking Heads album by the same name back--soon!


1. SOURCE: R.T. "That is not an option at this point."
2. SOURCE: D.R. "It was supposed to get fixed today, but I don't think so."
3. SOURCE: "N" Negro "It's coming soon."
4. SOURCE: Anonymous, to M.W. "'Ya win some, 'ya lose some."

What are they talking about, California lawmen? Murder conspiracies no one, to my knowledge, lifts a finger to prevent, but given the "spying quotient" on the Left Coast, I've got to figure they are infiltrated but good. Why did my handwritten screenplay take a dip in the creek? Instinctive it was to pull an HP computer with the last remaining accessible files of my life's work out of the water, increasing the risk of slipping under the shoulder-deep muck.

Hey morons, somebody doesn't like me breathing out here in CA, and this goes back to the family-famous "blue baby" episode, where legend had it our dead parakeet Willie was the alert to check on baby William. Bye, bye Maf-IA, as the missiles will say H-U-G-H-E-S on them once more, and this potential P-O-T-U-S just might order them to travel up your anal canal, then explode.

Drown? Me? If the crater lake in Thun, Switzerland didn't get me in 1977, you're not, scumbag. Yesireee Bob, thanks to my homeless state, the fall in the creek, and some Hispanic kids looking to retrieve a ball in said creek, I can ask, before having you all tossed in prison, "Where does the water come from?" Major clue it is, as are the electromagnetic locks that bar the door silently. "Safety latch" no workee, and this is a "safe" city?

There's no security in this here territory, and if you don't believe me, ask "The Cops," who according to a homeless local Shaman, will investigate a murder only if it is, "Like throwing trash out the window of your truck. If they see it, they might do something about it." He's the local boy, and he said it, not me. Back to the killing doors, what are those dents in the metal, as with somebody trying desperately to get back in? I'm no Sherlock, but it looks like in Thousand Oaks, California, when you are "out," you might be permanently out of luck.

Want more? Sorry, no more, because as with HH, I am not .gov, I am not .mil, and I would like to be .org again so I can run for president, if you all don't mind. Yep, they are so slick, the whole story of the "CRPD" is on the wall. However, I do not look at it, because I am more concerned with ripping out our fake "wall" at the United States Department of Justice, and how about the Secret Service Agent who I believe hopped a wall in Dallas, Texas a long time ago.

As I like to boast to all .gov crooks, "You'll get the [discharge] e-mail," someday.

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