As a Public Service Announcement (PSA), I'd like to make it clear someone is trying to shoot a police officer with Mr. Hughes near, then claim like a spy Cuckoo-Bird that I was picking my nose on the right side and ordered a murder. That is all I will say about the staged mess at JANSS & HWY 23 last night.
I can read, how about Soldier Boy? Maybe not, which was a point that got the whole LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA mess going. Mercenaries? I didn't say it, but BP ought to. It's not 1979, baby, but in that year Bertram Gross warned about "Friendly Fascism" in one of the best books I've ever read, and Penske Truck Leasing is giving it back, right LAPD? Right!
1979 was, as bible boy "MARCUS' said, the year they were writing and writing Escape From New York. Hollywood trivia, anyone?
Q: Where did the president's plane go down in the movie? (The set, idiot!)
A: St. Louis, Missouri
Q: Where were the big fight scenes filmed?
A: St. Louis Union Station, before they fixed it up, put a Hooters in, then lost in court when the security guards tried to chase off gangsta black guys.
Q: Where were the chase scenes filmed?
A: The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, where William Hughes did not fall to his death 1970-1974. Closed bridges are beloved by druggies (not me) and movie directors (still not me) alike, and the same bridge appears in my very copyrighted and cheap to make Fooled Again.
More on this later, because President O-Bam-a's hackers have been in the senior center computer lab again, wasting my time. What did the younger ones say? "That place is like adult day care, isn't it?" They said it, not me.

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