On The Dole (SSI)

Not that bad? Been "On the street" lately, Cuckoo-Bird? Attention all Governors aspiring to be president: You won't win after I get a bigger audience for what I've been through since my ill-fated "Run for President in New Hampshire--Write a Book About It" 2008 debacle. I'm being murdered today? Oh, Maf-IA is waiting for a significant "Number Kook," day, like what? The 14th? The 30th? Why not grow up and get a job, if you can find one?

This just in from Cuckoo Central: A GOP man named STEELE was criticized for laying it on O-BAM-A, and the Administration NASA Man named BOLDEN said we should forget manned space travel and be nice to Muslims. Has everyone gone nuts except Mr. Hughes? Stay tuned.

Is the USA's jobless rate really only 9.5%? Liars! Didn't my sort of a socialist University of Wisconsin professor say the ECON rule of thumb calls for doubling the official figure? 19%? That's more like it, buddy-boy, and to paraphrase an old disco tune, "That's not the way we like it." Hey, rats on a sinking shipmates, it is even worse than that under [CENSORED].

Ah, there's no "censor" in the USA, but a drunk Army Man might shoot you, and U.S. NAVY = MAFIA, so be careful what you put up on Facebook, UTube, Twitter, Linkin, etc. etc. etc. because Big Brother & Big Sister are watching you--a lot. So, when your "tweets," or whatever they are, don't get you a job, consider the socialist Prime Minister of Spain, who has been waiting on the "big recovery," with an official unemployment rate a bit below 20%, and 42% of Spaniards report unemployment has affected their lives.

Their "unemployment check" in Spain? Try 426 Euros, or 570 U.S. Dollars a month, and so, as with SSI and SSD, the Spanish two-year unemployment insurance "chuck wagon" has the average guy kinda sorta...how should I say this? Sitting on his butt, and not looking for work! And, as the Maf-IA knows well, when healthy males have housing and no jobs, the "vigorous and growing underground (black) economy," per the Economist and Spanish tax inspector's union, now takes up 23% of their GDP. Wow!

"Hold on to your hats," says Mr. Hughes, because I'm weak at mathematics, yet I can look up the USA's GDP (thanks to the CIA's Factbook, as it "turned" out) and, are you sitting down? Yes, I am here alleging we have the same problem in the USA, which means that 3.3 trillion U.S. Dollars are "black," and guess what? Dear Lord, I hate being right almost all of the time, and being brutally tortured over it, but that means the "real" economy (Wall Street, farming, manufacturing, and of course, the ungodly bloated D-fence industry) has been, at a minimum, seriously disrupted, and in a worst case scenario, is terribly broken, and can't be fixed.

[The "computer police" are here, so this will be a two-parter, if I manage to stay alive]

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