How Nuts Is California?

Nuts enough to generate "Sheriff/Cop Combo" report 10-17795, as my rather high threshold to "Call the cops, call the cops" was met last evening, due to a vicious paint ball attack. Yes, it stings, and for your information, with dozens of rounds fired in four passes, as my murdered by the U.S. intelligence community mother, MARGARET LEONARD HUGHES used to say, "Ya got me" in the back (how appropriate), on the Left shoulder, and Left knee, before, as Reagan sort of said, "Honey I remembered to duck."
Trouble is, there is no honey, sugar, sweetie, etc. etc. etc., and overcrowded prison conditions will not allow you all to continue to run loose. Let's go back in the Maf-ia "Time Machine" and note, NO ONE IS TO TOUCH THE KING, and U.K., I'd have left Brown in, but tell Cameron not to get too comfortable, because to quote the Wishbone Ash Turners, "The King Will Come." (Oh Harper, you're dismissed as well).

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