Dead or Not Dead?

Not held incommunicado? California is not a classic "Breakaway Republic?" Why not ask The New Republic, and they will lie, like the DirecTV Customer Service Department. Did I file lawsuits in The Great State of Maryland over HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS LLC and HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE? Yes, I did. How are they coming along, legal team? What? Are you crazy? I don't need a lawyer because I'm the k-word of what? At age 13, I wondered why they set aside some...what? Don't play a "game" of "use 'em or lose 'em," because Nazis always lose in the movies, and I'm sure they will in your little psycho-drama as well. As the you-know-who said, "Looks can be deceiving." Indeed! And BTW, why is "The Left" always trying to kill my butt? That malarkey generated a quote from me that should be in the real media, to wit: "When George W. Bush is right, you know something is wrong."

"Since when did the Post-Dispatch start putting a reporter's e-mail address back to where they are "discoverable." Wasn't "Discovery 68" a great old ABC show? Lee Enterprises? Did you maybe get your blue & gray mixed-up? One of my uncles had a collection of Confederate money, and that's a fact, unlike much of what I find in Southern California.

Where did I read that STAN MUSIAL had died? Ever heard of "phishing?" Thank heavens the Globe Democrat has risen from the ashes. I didn't like the old Globe during Watergate, because I'm a "liberal," but today, as a consequence of that black fellow...what's his name? OBAMA, that's it...I'm not so sure. How did "they" turn me into a Republican? Ask anybody who knew me in St. Louis. That should be impossible, but it's happening. Should I seek highly politicized counseling? Oh, that's called "running for president," but mean old Mafia men won't let me, and the California policeman is mighty lazy.

Print media is more reliable? I call it "prishing," and don't go and steal my name for it, because how many times can "they" steal HUGHES TOOL COMPANY, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, and now, my eight (8) original screenplays? Why/how did I write them not knowing the obvious? Does the Pope defecate in the woods? No, but the last one drove by me with the Popemobile blacked-out. Did that mean something? Will you ask your Editorial Board, because I don't know.

Did someone leave me a totally "prished" copy of the LA Times? What should I do with it? I'm new at this, whatever "this" is. At least I know it is called "disinformation", but that explanation for George Orwell made real was at the UMSL Library, along with F-15 shows, kind of like a personal air show. Then, "they" moved the planes? Did Obama do that? Why did he move my planes?

William C. Hughes

bloggy "postscript": I shunned e-mail in favor of USPS for a long time, because rotten defence types watched every keystroke, marched around, and looked, for eight damn years (2002-2010) very much like they were gong to murder me. How many times have I been asked, "Do you want to overthrow the United States Government?" Too many times, and it is not a "cocktail party" question, is it? "Bill" was amused by this, and of course said, "Are you kidding? No!" WILLIAM V is pissed-off, and you should not piss off the you-know-what, Cuckoo-Birds, should you?

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