Torture Under The Negro

As the ex-brother in law used to say, "False hope."

They want to know everything about Mr. Hughes, and even a skilled mentor cannot figure out who "they" are. So, I will continue giving out information, because I have nothing to hide, and asking few questions. Yesterday, a nifty article about Voltaire's Candide was put before me [Sarah, I got briefers!]. So, I'll give you a ranking of my favorite big-time political philosophers. And, thanks to the unorthodox "briefing book," I finally "get it" regarding Candide.

Voltaire spent his whole career on writing nonfiction political reasoning, then wrote a weird novel that, "...suggests some things cannot be understood, and that the search for universal truth is futile." I think he was pulling some French legs, and lived long enough to joke about it with USA's Ben Franklin, yet was banished by the French government. This much I knew, but as with a lot of stuff lately, now I know why. Okay, with apologies to DICK CHENEY, here's the HUGHES TOP 5 POLITICAL PHILOSOPHER LIST:

1. Rousseau

2. Locke

3. Voltaire

4. Marx

5. Hobbes

6. Smith

He can't count! Put him in the loony bin! There's six philosophers, so he's ridin' with flyin' saucers! Marx is ahead of Adam Smith, so he's a communist, like Howard! No, numbnuts, but Cheney would, from what I've read, put Hobbes higher on the list. Me? Genius? Howard Hughes paid the Three Stooges' salaries, and the gag was to look over your shoulder when someone alleged you are brave, handsome, or a genius.

Was I looking in a "crazy window" reflection this morning and marveling at my furrowed HH brow, HH eyes, and nose just like the "other" William who has apparently, per Ralph's check-out aisle tabloids, impregnated his girlfriend. I'm not in London yet, but I say, this looks bad for royals. And, if a female ever has mercy on me once more, I'd do that part, but not embarrass anyone. Oh, I'm getting old, and I'm stuck in the USA's most fruitcake state of our disintegrating Union.

Not my problem, as a certain person said to me more than once. That's okay, but you cannot keep saying it to I.G.'s [for the non-gov'ment types & drugselling idiots, that means Inspector General, and believe it or not, the CIA and DOD have them]. On to the main topic, which is that since 2002, the year after a big event was staged four days prior to my birthday, I have been.....no polite way to say it: TORTURED REALLY BAD, LIKE IF I HAD NOT BEEN A "PSY-OP" VICTIM SINCE 1974, I WOULD BE:

A. In a Loony Bin ("Institutionalized")

B. Sitting in Prison (Because I had killed your ass, Soldier Boy)

C. Very Dead (We do not come back, do we? Consult your local Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Ayatollah, or Yogi on this, because I do not know).

Torture details? Let's be brief:



3. HEART TROUBLE: a) Arrhythmia; b) Near MI (no soldier, I mean "Myocardial Infarction," not "Military Intelligence," which I am now convinced really is an oxymoron, and you Pentagon types, all the way up to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen, who's head I want on a platter, are morons) .

4. POISONINGS: a) "Heart Attack Drug," as follows; i) Blood Pressure Spike Method; ii) Capillary Constriction Method; iii) Rhythm Disrupting Method. b) Nasty Gastrointestinal Viruses; c) Kidney Infections; d) Rashes, growths, etc.; e) Dizziness i.e. The "Mickey."




8. EYEBALL ATTACKS: a) Painful Eyeballs; b) Itching/Burning Eyes; c) Blurred Vision



Regarding #7 & #8, have you .mil dropouts heard of gravity?All that you have to do is alter gravitational fields, and boys, what are the most vulnerable (soft) parts of your body? Your EYES and TESTICLES. Two administrations have been running some torture on U.S. Persons in the USA: G.W. Bush (R) and Obama (D). I am not "crazy," I am not wrong, and most of California knows it, because the space-based torture platforms were constructed and launched here in the early to mid 1980's, were partially operational by 1989, fully operational by 1994, and not used on me until 2002, when I hollered, "Why go into Iraq? Ya' need more troops in Afghanistan!"

I hate being right, and may get stuck serving as president myself someday as a consequence of all the "correctness." Digital 6411 Alamo librarians, you know I said it [BTW, is BOB RYERSON'S son in jail yet? And, I confess to being a regular ONION HORTON listener as well...but hey, that wasn't against the law, was it?]

Yes, my doctor knows damn well I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as yet another "fake" Hughes diagnosis. People, you absolutely, positively, cannot be "successful" at being flat-out homeless and on the street for nearly 18 months and have any of the following:

1. Bipolar Disorder

2. Hypothyroidism

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

4. Hepatitis C

But, you can be tortured by the President of the United States and entire U.S. Government. Watergate Spooks, do I have to put the "Central Intake" story on the "Worldwide Web?" It is a story of how the current president tried to kill me, more than once, and I'd much rather it be a court filing, if you all don't mind.

Drama! Drama! As we chided each other in high school, "Too much drama!" Did you know I was BANG-CRASH-TINKLE president of the Redman Road establishment? You can't change it, although somebody probably stole that gold nameplate off the wall because it said, "William Hughes, comma, President" on it. We can't ever have that again, right! Wrong! You ass----s! How about three recorders, all analog, one inch tape, going all day, because you f---ing worthless spies will not come in, lie to me, and then change the story.

Transcripts? The media will get them every day, with all of the cursing, and if I want to curse at a press conference, Cuckoo Christians at the networks will just have to BLEEP it out. Nixon cursed? Ain't never been in the Navy, so I wasn't a sailor, but you've never heard anything like it, if it happens, given just about all of my talents have been heretofore wasted. You don't like me? As momma (who you murdered) would say, "They can dish it out, but they just can't take it."

It is "Obama Drama," I allege. Sir, you are "Holding the bag," and I did not do it to you, nor did I do anything unlawful, yet I have been forced to live like a fugitive. I await your departure, well ahead of schedule.

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