7:41:25 "...report to me if you have the Ithaca airport in sight."

Okay, Mr. Crew Cut Test Pilot, so that's what the water means. Happy? No, I'm not.

Cower in fear spookies, over the fact I do know what this sort of stuff means. Thanks to the NTSB for the image. If you don't know what that acronym means, maybe you can work security, when I get going. And, BTW, what is a "Rolling Oak?" I just have to know before I [####] your little Mafia Town.
"If you want to stay in your comfort zone, but while cruising at 31,000 feet and with an approach speed slow enough to land on most runways, the TBM 850 from Daher Socata is for [POP-POP-POP...everybody down! Gun! Get down! Get down!]
Excuse me, I was just thinking about airplanes, and [BOOM--BOOM] Phhhhhhit! Pardon me, as I spit out a little plaster.....They've got RPG's? Can I have one of those girly getting attacked whistles? No? How about one of those I'm old, I fell down, and I can't get up call EMS devices? [ZiiiiiTZZZ] Oh no, not another power failure. Don't worry, it's just those DARPA Flyin' Triangles. If this had been a real E.T. invasion, you'd be instructed to tune to.....

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