testing...one...two...I Want My Shure SM-57's

Does Medicaid still pay for dental work? Mario must have got some with that "Letterman Gap" visible so long ago. What did the New York State Thruway toll-taker say to me (I am the real Hughes) in the Summer of 1985? How about I first describe the circumstances. It was a dark and stormy night, the burnt orange AUDI 100 LS was fishtailing a little in heavy rain, but I was young, not spyin' on nobody, and at age 30, in a hurry. To do what? There's always a "blond bombshell" in the movies, gayboys, so may I have one too? Thanks. She was so spygirl observant, the supposed vegetarian Hughes was...caught! With marijuana? LSD? Cocaine? No! Oh, these Cali-fornia morons! She got in the car and said, upon seeing my McDonald's Big Mac wrapper, "Big Mac attack, eh?"

Now that was the nation's high-powered spies at work, buster. As a screenwriter, did I "borrow" that rainy driving too fast evening? Yes, and I really wish I had not dropped the line of "I am the eggman" as "secret code" at the now-closed Griffis Air Force Base (something about a lack of funds). Anyway, the Toll-Taking Man said, as I tossed water off the front Michelin radials in that big young man hurry, "He must be going to Albany."

As a lobbyist? As a politician? As a terrorist? Was my car "bugged" when I exclaimed upon first-look, "Oh my God, it's Nelson Rockefeller's Land of Oz!" (I was used to Jefferson City, Missouri). Further, did "they" bug my phone when I said, regarding Mario Cuomo's presidential ambitions, "He'd be a great one, but he's...you know...kinda Mafia." This is what I also alleged to Great River drones and MBMHC floaters regarding Andrew Cuomo when he was busily giving away lots of low-income housing money that some of my mental health clients actually benefitted from! Why did Jesus not come down on the clouds? A tangible social service benefit in America! A tiny apartment for every chicken! A pot bust for Hughes! What? When I have not smoked the shit since 1981...or was it 1982? Confucious say, "Always give the last few grams of reefer to a self-professed CIA girl, so she can say it's "really good," ask for more, and what was my line?

"Are you crazy?" We're still not sure.

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