Later, The H-town "Recently Divorced With Kid List"

I've called them "The M&M's," meaning Mafia & military. And, I don't just mean U.S. Military, because son, you have not had a mean-assed Chinese .mil spook staring at you like he wants to kill you, when he certainly does. Have you? Did two Chinese spygirls fall out of their In Out Burger chairs laughing when I said, to my cupped hands, from across a crowded, noisy restaurant, "These damn soldier boys are rotten all over the world, yours too!" Yes, they did, but I must be "bipolar," or "schizophrenic," or "OCD," when you do not even know what the f*** you are talking about.

May I crash a plane and hit my head? No? What the hell is this?

Memory. Recovered memories. You, whoever you are, can't beat mine. Yes, I'm still looking out the window seat somewhere over, or rather near O'Hare, wondering, aviation lights in face, "Why are those planes so close?" [Insert gentle bump here] Where is the "stewardess," now "Flight Attendants?" [May I say, "I'm too old for this shit!"] She is standing right next to me, waiting for any "maybe he's scared" statement that could have been used against me at the most conveniently located Illinois psychiatric facility.

Whores packed into the hotel? No go. Drink in the hotel bar full of whores? No way! My "computer expert" was smoking pot on a Chicago streetcorner for lunch the next day? Some "training." No tokes for me, but that did not make the 1977 modem or computer work right, though William V always does the right thing. MY OWN HUGHES AIRCRAFT EMPLOYEE WORKED "UNDERCOVER" TO FIRE ME ILLEGALLY? "Ned" was pissed; I drove home confused and dejected to 6th Street in St. Chuck, thanks to a buddy's Chevy, because spies have vandalized my cars my whole freakin' life. Where is Richardson? His son? His nephew? His ex-wife? Don't those spooks hate photos, but you can't keep mine without Civil War 2.0, and you dumb asses know it.

KORD in Chicago, thanks for the Delta traffic that reminded me of that story.

And, what "trouble" is Hughes the torture victim causing today? 5...4...3...2...1...

The drama continues, when gray AUDI 6's chase dark colored HONDA CIVIC's near the "Home of the Black Audi 6," and for Topper's Pizza, a Black TOYOTA CELICA drove by. At least y'all are not behaving like Mexican Drug Lords, who are "shooting" for about 20 assassinated mayors by the end of 2010. Did I really predict this stuff in my (c)2006, (c)2007, (c)2008, (c)2009, (c)2010 Gangster Nation? And, did I not predict this violence would spill over to the USA? Yes, I did, and I'd hate to be right--again.

May I return to the Truman Presidential Library, in case shooting starts, and it is not my new movie? Did I just see a famous Hollywood actor walk by? Stand by, while I make sure he's still alive and it's not another "spy trick." Holy Toledo! He's 85 years young, and would I name names? Maybe if you mess with me more, but what do I know that the entire worldwide intel community does not already know? No hints! Except the movie he was in that made me even more interested in aviation and movies premiered in 1970.

Could all "jail-worthy" Missourians stop yelling, "Bipoloar, and off his meds!" Thanks. Quiet on the set! And, was it ever DELL 755 difficult to type-up my plane crash scene, especially on the heels of investigating another famous air disaster and muttering, "Four minutes out? Why didn't you just turn around?" Uh, LAX and all ships at sea, I'm not the sharpest math knife in the drawer, but I can add & subtract. This causes me to, particularly when I know the 'lil airport well, wonder who are you calling on a damn cell phone during all the time before takeoff?
Numbers, numbers, numbers...like 12:27 from trouble to no radar. That bears no resemblance to the way our allegedly monolithic "Liberal Media" reported it.

<cough, cough> That won't work. You should fear a potential POTUS Hughes, idiots, because legal troubles (like yours) will not be solved by more damnable spying & lying. Smoking pot, are we? Who do you think you are, Robert Mitchum? Don't get the joke?

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