A Shameless Plug

Difficult it is to be a newfangled kind of Republican, not like your daddy's or grandpappy's Republican. Are those ladies pictured above some of ROY BLUNT'S supporters? What did that guy ever do for Missouri, or "Missourah," for that matter?

Could you minorities maybe stuff the ballot box for ROBIN CARNAHAN in KC & ST.L? Sometimes it cancels-out all of the outstate riffraff that chased me down I-70 West until they figured out I wasn't.....never mind. Can we have more political parties like England? Not a whole lot of them like France, where they riot over a few Euros. "Cradle to grave" social insurance? Can I start with getting a job? Like president of the USA, perhaps? The guy in there is doing a better job than I could? Than Bush did?
Puuuleeeze get out and vote--because many snafus not under my control prevent me from doing so. Maybe in 2012. [gotta go--my "invsible lawyer" is whispering at me about the ballot box stuffing thing...what are you talking about? It's standard procedure in a close MO election]

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