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"Hughes, there is no connection." "It's coincidnece." "You're getting paranoid." [BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG] Excuse me, I got so "paranoid," I shot your Nazi ass five times, just like MARK DAVID CHAPMAN.The above illustration is Randy Carnahan's "Attitude Indicator," and my attitude is deteriorating rapidly, because here are some serious FACTS on the humor blog. Meantime, remember kids, for real grown man political head choppin' and mud slinging rhetoric, go to: hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com before I make my triumphant return to Wild West Domains for my very own I'm running for president, you can't stop it server time & space.

Question: "When did the Go Bell printer screw-up?

Answer(s): 1. When I tried to print my screenplays a little at a time; 2. When I downloaded files from the RAF, Kids, that's the "Royal Air Force" in England, and what if I run that outfit? [Cameron, so fired!] 3. Whenever I download NASA accident reports [And "we" know what will happen if I ever run that joint, right? "This is the president. Lock the doors."] 4. Now, it's Governor Carnihan's NTSB accident report.

Spies! They always want it both ways! Am I "paranoid," "psychotic," "delusional," or have you any other words to hurl you do not know the meaning of? Alrighty, if I am all of that and in need of strong medication, why screw-up a computer, disable the printer, etc.? mafia! mafia! May I have my three HP "towers," two Brother laser printers, ink jet printer, ink jet printer/scanner, and go see Roger to tune-up that HP C-300 a Negro Soldier Boy sold me. Didn't he say, "It's a special computer." He sure did, and computer-challenged boy that I am, much trial & error taught me what was so special about it. Blackmail, blackmail, blackmail, and no "black box" airplane data on my crispy, died in a plane crash ass--ever. Getting nervous at the old PARKS AIR COLLEGE AIRPORT in beeuuutiful Cahokia, Illinois? Why is Illinois such a problem for me? Don't know. Hey, where is Plum Street, and can I sleep on your couch? I'll f*** up that Marine's face if he's going to act like that, missy.

Rich, who was that black comedian on ABC's Fridays who's act always included a, "Who's got all 'da money?" routine? Me? Really? Not funny. Who's going to jail, then to hell--I invert the order of events sometimes. Just what I call a "torture artifact," thanks to our "California Kookocracy." Is Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown one of "them?" If the answer is "Yes," I shall think hijacking, but oh, mother of pearl, not an airplane! Severe penalties for that, right boys? Right!

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