Rocket Man? Elton's Check Is In The Mail, Right? Spin Doctors Got Any Cash?

"Heavy." It's a rocket term. It's an aviation term. It's a hippie musician term. It was descriptive of me in the .com glory 1990's. What did he say? He called me what? I knew it! Do I have any say in this?

What is GOOGLE doing on that rocket? Have they taken over the world? Not yet? Keep me posted.
Did Woody Harrelson really make a movie I saw reviewed in Navy Times where he got to go out and shoot "droids" at will? People, it's a bit like holograms, where what if it's a real person? My mom really liked Woody Allen in What's Up Tiger Lilly? What does it mean? What does it mean?

Did I really stumble out of the old folks ping pong/bingo hall, and with a very famous (I think) Hollywood person out back, say "Guys, I'm kinda busy trying to figure out who killed John Entwistle, you know, the Who's bass player." The guy looked at me with...we shall not describe the look here, but what's important is, he really said, "And running for president in 2012." What did I say? "Yeah, yeah, I gotta get back to work." What did they watch on their very own "Farmer in the Dell" 755's? MATT HUGHES fighting? "That's not like a Mike Tyson fight," I said. "Where do they do that, Vegas?" As usual, I got no answer.

I accuse the Thousand Oaks/Westlake crowd of "Not talking too much," but how about this exchange?

CEH: "Did you know that out there in California, Feinstein is married to a rich real estate developer named Richard Blum?"
WCH: "Yeah, I know the Blum's."

THAT WAS ALL. NEXT TOPIC, PLEASE. So it shall be (maybe) from my side of the Shure SM 57's. "Next question, please. I don't have all day."

Who's dropping by next? Jolie dressed as a volunteer cop? Angela, got a cig? Got a solid quarter?

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