Fire! Earthquake! Power Outage! Riot! No, Try N8354N

We all know Hughes is "nuts" and in need of 72 hour detention in the hospital Howard's enemy and 40th President of the United States RONALD REAGAN closed. We further know that one sheet of paper can "disappear," such as p. 25 of National Transportation and Safety Board Report AAR-82-11. And, why would "they" want to do that? Mostly to drive the wealthiest man in the world (me) crazy, but also to deter judicial process on things like the fact, as "we" can see in the pic posted above, that the Ithaca, New York airport can be seen from pretty far away, from the air, that is, even under similar conditions as existed on January 5, 1982. Was the report really adopted on September 22, 1982? [22nd Street + romance (not really) with 22 Spygirls]. As the family expression went, "It's in black & white."(As was the cop car in front of the Go Bell Senior Adult Center this a.m.)

DRAMA! DRAMA! Am I to be somehow held responsible for every vagabond's feud in the County of Ventura? Apparently so. On probation? Lost your medication? During my Missouri mental health worker days, we would go to Walgreen's and get some more--no excuses. Here in Cali-fornia, I provide free mental health evaluations, but grow tired of no "Mafia ride" to apply for that MEDIATOR/INVESTIGATOR I job, as it is nice to be overqualified at age 55. Working for...the court? Oh dear God, no! I'm supposed to be a one-armed bandit according to some, or selling LSD from a hot dog stand used as not terribly clever "cover." Hey, VC Sheriff, that's not a bad idea! On with the show!

07:42:20 ELM: And Ithaca you got all the lights up and everything for him.

ITH: Everything's full up.

ELM: And you got the equipment standing by?

ITH: "Yep, everybody is here."

ELM: "Okay."

First off, you can't say all of that in one second, unless the babbling goes on until the next time notation at 07:42:31.And, you cannot steal more of my stuff outside the Mafia Billiard Room, or someone might actually alert me. Further, if that was the Chinese girl's uncle in here this morning, let's jump the Mark Twain frog early and say, "We are not spying," but how can it be that I might find a roof over my head in Beijing (to visit, not defect, you moron, although I'm considering it) sooner than Thousand Oaks? Ah, the mysteries of life. Hillary! Hillary! How does one "defect" to an ally, anyway? "They" hate my hair like it is 1966! "They" think we're in the Cold War still, like 1968! PLAYMATE COOLER MAN is here. ROBERT THE RODENT is here. RAYTHEON GIRL is here. PERUVIAN MAN is here. THE GULPING CREATURE is here. And, what did I say in the Admiral's Log last night, "Looks like a tattoo parlor in here" (instead of a Senior Center), and you just can't blame me.

Excuse me for livin', and determining this aviation non-event was a coded message regarding my near-assassination at a convenience store in Madison, Wisconsin later in January, 1982. Yes officer/deputy, they had the gall to put a 2007 version of the same hitguy in the drug sting house on St. Rita. Oh, I'm "nuts?" Again? Tell me why tenants were frisking people out front of the building in a yuppie neighborhood. A girl ringleader humped the steering wheel (more than once)of their green Dodge Caravan as she went by? Oh, there's just no "do-over's," time machine kooks! ( I passed on her "message"). Cops paying visits? Oops! Had it backwards again on the Clayton v. Richmond Heights corrupt copper issue. Who sent the D.A.R.E. cop to sip coffee in my bagel shop, suspiciously at the same time as I? Why, where would you cash the first of four "Hezbollah Hundreds," those set-up C-Notes from Alberto Gonzales, but in the same bagel store chain with two Florida policeman watching? And you thought they were stupid? I'm not half bad at whatever you call this.

William, are you running for president, perhaps? Yes! And, please tell me of another candidate who has this sort of KOFAX/GIBSON/MARICHAL "stuff?" Who is "everybody"? What is a double meaning for "equipment?" A g-u-n perhaps? Shoot me and the bro-in-law for stepping out into the subzero cold for munchies? I was on the black guy at the door, I wondered why it took so long at the register, I watched him very closely, and are you ready for the "Don't shoot William & Anthony" code? How about Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot on the radio station where I auditioned. Who's got the tape, spyin' smart-asses? How innovative! (Not now that you are caught rats). And what did we do on the way home to 441 W. Mifflin? Laugh, because I said, "Man, that was weird in there!" On to CHI01MA011, if you comprende that 100% lawful maneuver. On to the House of Commons? Be patient, Drama Queens!

Luuucy! You got some 'hisplainin' to do, like why was I frying clams at the HOWARD JOHNSON'S when this probable non-crash occurred? The ex flew-in to Ithaca not once, but twice, to get ready for what? Oh, that's right, I did not kill MICHAEL TOWERS in a drunken rage, because that French guy blew out the clutch on my AUDI 100LS, but later, a guy named "Baker" did a great shade tree repair job for cash, then my oil company got named "Baker Hughes," and as today's NTSB can see, I can bold and use different font, too. Wasn't it Jess, with a couple of U.S. ARMY assassin boys staring us down, who first snarled, "Get a life!" and I comprehended the meaning of both the situation & phraseology? In 1986? Holy IMF, Batgirl!

Nubies, you simply belong in the County Jail, because you are not a "secret agent" or licensed Private Investigator. No, you're not.

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