Two Guys Who Sell Airplanes

Okay fellahs, let's stick to facts, like when the FIAT 124 was allegedly about to break in half, a highly unusual recall about 10 years after the car was manufactured put me & the spousal unit in an AUDI 100LS, sold to me by two memorable nobodies I called, "Two Guys Who Sell Cars." Above, we see two guys who sell planes in England & Ireland. William V ire is up alright, just ask the California "Thugocracy."What's that on the airplane? A five (5), then my alleged birth year, fifty-five (55), and as for the "T" and "Q," I think I know what it means, unfortunately, however, we don't want Hillary Clinton chasing me down Janss Road with her rolling pin, so I will defer comment, as I cannot run very fast while pushing RALPH'S CART 729.

I made an audio visit to the home town, now that the "Missing Red Billiard Balls," and "Lost Bud Headphones" controversies seem settled. As for the clipboard, I took it. Wasn't that the great Gordo who worked at KSHE, because he had the pipes for it, whereas Hughes a higher tone. As for Program Directorships, A&R Man, and such, my maternal step-grandfather knocked the wind out of those sails with one line, "That's a good racket." Yes, I can read Billboard, and did, from 1973-1977. Facts! Let's stick to f-a-c-t-s.

"Ideas of reference?" My notes say, GNR, AC/DC (Under arrest soon Army JAG knows this is a campaign commercial tune, doesn't he?), Bad Company, Nirvana (poor Kurt, he fell in "Love"), and a Kiss song that has held up well, in my opinion. And, let's not omit the great Ozzie, with whom I should be drinking a pint of the inevitable non-alcohol ale "over there" they will brew for me...yeah me.

Don't like it? Don't like me much? Got ants in your pants? Waiting on a "miracle?" E.T's "Mothership?" Forgot to take your medication? Get the time order right now, William: GET OUT OF MY FACE, GET OFF MY BACK, GO TO JAIL, GO TO HELL. Or, take your Geodon and have a heart attack. Take your Zyprexa and get diabetes. Take your Abilify and run around Thousand Oaks acting crazy, because it does not work too well. Hey, Big Pharma! If I put a mailbox on my Ralph's cart, given you don't take my candidate for president status very seriously, would you please sue me?

The Sheriff's Deputies know right where I am.

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