Two dead? Last word = "Nope"? Kids, don't spy, because repeat after me: "They're gonna kill you both!"
edited quick from NTSB-AAR-82-11 (My thanks to airdisaster.com, because faa.gov needs an ass-kicking, I shall administer it, and NOT when I'm senile like REAGAN).
"We'll call you when we have the airport in sight."
"Hey Ithaca, I'll just keep him on me until he gets to the airport, Okay?"
"Okay, which way do you show? You show it still to your left or to your right?"
"To our left."
"Okay sir, and your heading is about three hundred?"
"And Ithaca, you got all the lights up and everything for him?"
"Everything is full up."
"And you got the equipment standing by?"
"Yep. Everybody is here."
"Empire one fortyone. The emergency equipment is standing by at Ithaca, airport lights are full bright. Do you have the airport yet, sir?"
"We have the localizer, negative airport, Empire one forty one."
"He had ground contact, but I don't have any radar with him."
"Alright, and didn't he say what the problem was?"
"It's one flap down."
"Oh, one flap down. Alright, thanks."
"Okay, we're on the localizer, and we're at nineteen hundred, nine miles airport."
"One forty-one roger, everything reasonably under control at this point?"
"Not too bad. We've just...we're all the way listing to the...you know, full aileron to the right just to maintain our heading, its kinda tough to get back."
"Okay. Emergency equipment is standing by. Is there further, any way, assistance we can be to you?"
Naw, that's just fine. Nope."
"You don't see him, do you Ithaca?"

55 pages, NTSB? PB82-910411? UNCLASSIFIED, it says. Of course not. What the hell do I have to do with this? How about:

Hey, hey, NSA, did you follow a law today!?"


"Overthrow, overthrow, overthrow that lousy Negro!"
Extreme? 141 is a road I drove just a few times near St. Louis, Missouri. PB is someone's initials, and some black guy does not shoot me and my brother-in-law later the same month as this possible non-crash? Then, the "hitman" lived in a rather obvious "drug house" on St. Rita Avenue? What were the Clayton cops doing there? (more than once?) Dirty! Dirty! What was that Negro hitman's MO license plate? NOHIT82? Disney, now you're gonna get The Rainbow Rebellion for real. You should be more careful about who you steal from & blackmail. Isn't there an AWACS on the Ithaca airport tarmac? In my script, you moron! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET ON TELEVISON? KILL SOME DUDE? DUDETTES?
help! help!

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