Bill Gone Bad

[this would be the photo I want of Lohan with a gun as a nun, but given Disney Corp. has legal problems, as with Hughes v. Disney Corporation (a coming attraction), I guess they all stick together, because Silicon Valley supplies computer crap to make dumb-ass Nazi brainswash cartons]

"Thomas Beckett, Henry's close friend and Chancellor since 1155...returned in 1170. He greatly angered Henry by opposing the coronation of Prince Henry. Exasperated, Henry hastily and publicly conveyed his desire to be rid of the contentious Archbishop - four ambitious knights took the king at his word and murdered Beckett in his own cathedral on December 29, 1170...Richard [his son] attacked...and defeated Henry on July 4, 1189 and forced him to accept a humiliating peace."

Spooked yet?
11 = day of the month for a certain terror attack
55 = my birthday year (I think)
70 = First Interstate Highway number for the USA
7/4 = Independence Day for USA
89 = "Bill's Very Bad Year"

(Will you California idiots please stop saying "backwards" as if to imply my father [I don't even know if he's dead or alive--so kind and caring this USA] and/or my Uncle Ralph are leading some sort of "revolution." What has the sneaky .gov man said (more than once) in my Royal presence? "It's a big set up." Thanks for the "tip."

JANUARY 14, 2011 (BHI) - A prominent Westlake Village couple was found shot to death in their home this morning, after vandals spray-painted unintelligible symbols on the victim's driveway. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Ron Cowan said robbery did not appear to be the motive, as the home was thoroughly ransacked, but grieving relatives reported nothing appears to be missing. "It looks like a burglary gone bad, where the assailants trashed-up the place before fleeing," said Cowan.

Let's save some time:

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