Rooty/Rudy Toot Toot

Let's try a bit of "cross-blogging" and ask all GOP candidates to QUICK! name the capital city of Chile. I'm not running? Get real! When the big dog real estate tycoon's blood relative says, "Where you from, honey?" and the relpy was "Chile," no "con" carne is in progress. I'm nice, even when I'm about to rip your lungs out and tie-off a raggedy Ralph's bag with them, so I did what the family called an exchange of "pleasantries" and told King Louis, "I'm not thinking what you're thinking" because the female in question was: a) As I say at 55, "Within shouting distance of my age"; b) Very attractive; and c) Since I am really running for president, I/we can't describe her physically, like Romney, Bush, Palin, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Locker Room talk. Girls don't talk about a guy's "attributes?" Get real!

Hughes said: "The capital is Santiago, right?"
She said, "Yes, I live near there."
BING>>You may advance to Iowa. No? Who the hell are you?

Did Amsterdam ATC and I really hear some airborne cowpoke say, "Watch out, twenty-two five is on." Are you faking that, too? The way vc spies are behaving, I think not. Laziest president ever, I'd be, so Malo Suerte can wait until tomorrow, and there will be a tomorrow, dudes & dudettes. The DEA burns bodies? Shocked! Shocked, I am! Are there not some usual suspects?Not me, you idiot! Oh, these Cali-fornia spies! Give me the NH knuckleheads back!

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