Deutsche Update: Kit Kat, Almond Joy, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, No Bucks

Wasn't it two years ago I said, to my BUTA'ed (Bugged Up The Ass) Ford 07 Focus, something like, "I'm hitting Martin Scorsese's doorbell/intercom and saying, 'It's Hughes out here.'"Mafia penis? No suckee/no washee. Mafia vagina? See no evil, hear no evil, but I will speak of civil war 2.0, and brother, I did not start it, I wrote a screenplay about it.

Yes, I am working on a Word Press blog piece alleging the President of the United States has psychiatric problems--big time. And, I do not understand how all of you self-appointed "private eyes" can continue to openly stalk and harass me, but act as if nothing is going on in your soon to be sued by me in Federal Court "CRPD" Gayboy, Drugboy, Thugboy, LUTHERAN SS fake homeless, SSI fraud case hangout.

Mood swings? Sure, when you've got what I call a "Cuckoo Dish" aimed at the Social Lobby Area of the senior center, where old spooks come 'a running when Mr. Hughes looks at trailers of Three Days of the Condor, my favorite "spy movie." Oh, the 1947 types! They are still kicking (barely), and they just had to make it real.

F-you, so we go to the diary you all want to steal. C'mon creep, admit it. Confess? Spies?
Q: What do you do with spies in a time of war?
A: Shoot them.

10:24 a.m.
Did a Chinese guy really mumble @10:20 "Good for you?" After a bit of jabbering in Chinese with his buddy [JESUS HAS COME DOWN ON A CLOUD AND REDACTED THE GIRL'S NAME] uncle, perhaps? I think, just like Mafia, he'd sit there, and as was said about VOGEL, check me out. I need to shave. Frank the Shoeman asked about the socks. I said I am sticking with the holy ones, I'm so thrilled to have new ones. MARK "Mafia" WILLIAMS disputed the VC Star's 8,000 figure for Ventura homeless. I said to halve it, as I expounded on U.S. Park Service crowd estimates. In favor? It's a million people. Not in the clique, it's 200K. $3/$2 Mafia Man asked said "Hi," and I told him early scoop re: OSCAR who was said to be doing better and talking to his M.D. $3/$2 reported Oscar is the eldest of the Pool Hall Mafias @ 96 y/o. I was early to the [THIS SECTION EATEN BY HYPNOTIZED 90+ y/o PAINTERS] & ate possibly JILL & RACHEL'S pizza they didn't give me last evening. BRAD & PUZZLE BOY melted down last night, with DTS DRIFTER & PUZZLE BOY arguing loudly, which was ignored by the attending CRPD staff. Rachel, slow on the reprimand for DAVE/STARMAN/DRIFTER, and he left during the dispute. I stayed with the AUSTRIAN NAZI CADAVERS in the Billiard Room, and in the kooky Freudian tradition, my brash consumption of a half loaf of VON'S FILONE BREAD prompted Rachel to stare at DRIFTER & PUZZLE BOY as she ate pizza. My bottom line on Go Bell in the evening is, "Looks like a tattoo parlor, not a senior center." I have nothing to do with this transformation? Yes & no, because as I suspect it was with Howard, if local gangbangers desire to go straight, I might give them their first real job, paying taxes & everything. What are those numbers again?

The sheriff deputy wandering Goebel with cop car out front reminded me of the differences between the Sheriff's duties in St. Louis City/County, Missouri vs. Ventura County, California. I thought perhaps no drama, as he had divorce papers for some 60 or 70-ish bird, which fired neurons on the big controversy in my family over Billy (that's me) answering the Melanie Street door when my parents' divorce papers arrived. We are in civil war with Roswell Toys and E.T.--like the cops--doesn't give a damn. And why? To quote my old Cornell U. boss, or rather paraphrase him, the lawman, I suppose, figures "This doesn't affect me." Maybe not, but I'd like to slam CHIEF BYRNE of Clayton, MO in jail because it now seems clear it was neighboring cops in Richmond Heights looking out for Mr. Royal Boy. A royal pain in the ass this is, and it must end--in my favor, or what? Private property is a dead concept, if not my human body.

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