What Are You?

WARNING TO ALL SPIES: Please familiarize yourself with the old-fashioned 20th Century and back to when there really were Kings and a legal system, because the alarm has stopped sounding on the "NICE" Gauge, and my "GOOD" Gauge has the amber light on. Do you get my meaning? Get my "drift." Rosary High grads do, as do the Lindenwood Lions.

Oookay, Las Vegas policeman. Who was the f***ing coke whore who killed The Who's bass & keybard player? Scotland Yard, how's it going on the Brian Jones murder? Keith Moon? Don't tempt me, but I'm already there. Please see: hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com if the blog is not hacked, for more truth and possibly a few idle threats.

When does it "switch" to hughesforpresidentrealfast.wordpress.com? When I get some m-o-n-e-y, that's when. Movies? What's that? Light on a silver screen? Wow! Innovation! Technological feats! Ten bucks a ticket! Five hundred million dollar gross from my movie, eh? Now they're salivating? As my MAUI character says, more than once, "Uh huh."

Downright "innovative and creative," as one of my old associates often said about the newest, coolest, "progressive rock" band. Mafia(s) were deciding who made our vinyl LP's? Not a surprise, as a man who would know told me in 1973 who gave orders on filling the "juke box." Hey girls, I hear Dave's record collection is about the same as mine. Can you read my mind? Not that Dave, silly. "Lawyers, guns, & money?" What are you talking about? No one will help on the former, if I request the middle item, I'm surely going to jail, and on the money thing, well, didn't a certain person tell a young girl long ago that men are like buses, so another will be along in 20 minutes, or about an hour and 40 if you live in a community that rips off a higher level of government, then pockets the change. (repeat as needed)

Bell, California? Wait until I get you assHo**s.

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