Excuse Me, I Just Killed My Producer

Where was the money, Drugboys & Thugboys? You can rent it, whereas I have no money. You have a DVD or ancient VHS player, and did I mention I have no money? See the movie, moron, and report back. Where was the MONEY?

That's not me in there on Apollo 8, but I was, per usual, glued to the RCA second color TV on the block screen. However, no matter how many times some crazie plays Moonlight Sonata, we ain't going nowhere until my legal team shows up. I don't have one? You're in for a surprise, son. MENTAL NOTE: Stop using bad grammar, because you really are running for president.

Why was this first ever photo taken around Christmas? Because we're Catholics, cuckoo Christians, and Howard was supposedly born on Christmas Eve. I guess this was so every nut in the nation would try to abduct or kill me before, during, or after Midnight Mass. Lots of cars on St. Cyr Road, say the brain cells, and now I know why. Mr. Geno attended mass and looked rather disgusted in 1985? Now I really, really, know why.

Did it really happen? The day before Thanksgiving? Talk of rockets led to what? I said, "That's not a good idea." He said, "Yeah, you can't control them." I said, "Doesn't [REDACTED BY THE MYSTIC PIZZA MAN] make those?" He said, "Yeah." Immediately, Ron Howard, I was thinking stuff like, "It that should occur, you couldn't even do the old slingshot trick and.....

Who? What? He was what? From where? We're going where? They consulted me on this?
Yeah, and who the f*** are you, sir?

Did MARTIN MARIETTA really buy GD? I don't get out much. And, Soldier Boy does not like me on his Internet too much. Lots of info out there, and it's just not secret at all.

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