Hey kids, it's STS-107, launched on 01.16.03. As the National Transportation and Safety Board can see (NTSB), I'm able to bold the type and/or say "Ten Seven (spy) up on One Six (extra spooky spy) Zero Three." Q: How many adult & non-idiot direct descendants to Howard's money at the time of this launch? A: Three.

What happened again last evening? A Hollywood face drove by in a Honda Civic, dark in color (Right Lane) chased by the soon to be RPG'ed AUDI 6 (Gray) and was "crissy-crossed" by thugs in a Volvo Wagon (White) hollering at me, Mr. William Charles Hughes. One more lawsuit to prepare, Jeeves. That's the way I look at it. The Hollyscummywood star's identity? Hints For Free: She's split with her younger husband, is in her late 40's, and I had a mental health client by the same last name. Oh, the HIPAA drama (but not). How about Joe & Mary at Rosary High School and Lindenwood College? Giveaway Clue: We covered the St. Charlietown City Council together, because Hughes knew how to set-up the antenna (go figure) and give all of the dumb-assed councilpersons their very own microphone. (It's called a mixer, and I brought an extra one from the vast inventory of FBC Sound).

Never had the St. Charles City Council sounded so good on KCLC-FM, and what was I supposedly really doing, according to Grammy-winning a-holes Fagan & Becker of Steely Dan? Uh, (the aviation "uh"), they were recording "Kid Charlamagne" and it was supposed to be me selling lots of LDS. You believed that crap? Welcome to President Hughes' vast prison-building program, illegal snitches. Secret police? What ever are you talking about, "Puzzle Boy?" Psychic? No, but I did say to Mr. Spamuels, regarding Charlamagen, "That song creeps me out." As for "Katy Lied," I suspected foul/fowl play there as well, but we shall discuss it in courtrooms, not behind the GSAD (Goebel Senior Adult Center).

After the star drive-by, and my sermon @ Janss & Hwy 23, did I really see the Black Porsche 911 again? Yes, followed by a BMW Z-4, or are the Krauts up to 5 by now? Not on your butt, girl, were they? Who were "they" in the gray BMW? Did you all read Gangster Nation for free? Good for you. Did you like the story of kiddos white in color smoking crack right in front of Kaldi's Coffee in Clayton, Missouri from the front seat of their BMW Z-3? Fellahs, don't complain about this sort of thing to your drug-selling/drug-snitching CIA, because they get mighty indignant as the ones and zeroes roll on at the National Security Agency (NSA), Southwestern Bell, Verizon, and all of the fiber optics in-between, and don't argue with me, because I already discussed this with the friendly "Verizon Man" the first time I tried to run for president.

Ah, using that AT&T 710 model phone, though a coiled-wire artifact from Janet Reno's Roaring 90's, I could hear the spygirl's jeans moving across the fabric of an office chair provided by a certain private security firm. Son, always know when the girl is squirming, if 'ya get what I mean. Spying? Me? No, it's merely a question of when are these bitches going to prison? Drive around "T.O." all of you want, Hollywood, and you sure look good doing it, but it is looking to me like Howard made movies and had no time to bother with the presidency, whereas I may be the other way around. Movies? Why am I doing a read-through of Six(6) South all by myself? Big help you all are. I might not desire to have sexual intercourse with you through the use of another man's penis. Cuckoo Christians, did I clean that old neighborhood expression up enough? May I take the weekend off? Oh, that's right...I don't have a job.

Go to hell.

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