I CAN "Do The Math"

King William was a mere serf when it came to the dreaded third section of that IOWA BASIC SKILLS TEST. Catholics of the Catechism-lite post-Vatican Council world, UNITE! Do the kooks & stalkers, with downloaded spy crap in their little dumb-ass noggin's not believe my stories, such as the darkened POPEMOBILE going past closer than park spies near the Easternmost CRPD "circle drive?" How in denial was he? Police helicopter with searchlight...nothin' going on. Bomb-sniffing robot...nothin' going on. Oh, highway closed...maybe an accident. A bunch of St. Louis County Police Cars...maybe something is going on, you big twit. Police cars, it's always the police cars. Big black limos...who is this? The Popemobile! Oh, that's right...it's the Pope. Does this happen to you? No.
Eastern Airlines pilot with William V aboard, you are not dead yet, are you? Oh, it is the TOWER tapes that will tell me why either the 7-11 went down, or I went back into the clouds over Atlanta, Georgia. Nice to see (and hear) nose up, engines at full throttle, spygirl kiss delayed, rather than suspected tanker truck in the way on Georgia concrete alternatives. What was my joke when the Cali-fornia detention began as the whole worldwide economy crashed? "Putin invaded the wrong Georgia."
Not funny any more. However, some share my good aviation sense, like: http://www.cargolaw.com/.
Be sure to add a slash (/), and "2009nightmare_fedex08.html" for news from a guy who really flies planes, and beat me to the punch on that not-so-mighty ATR-42 and ATR-72. Wouldn't get on one, if I were you. Yes, the object burning above is not a flyin' saucer, it is a FedEx airplane. As for the Empire Air airplane, I've got to wonder if grandma (yes, that grandma) teamed-up with her other buddy, George H.W. Bush, for the latest "bust" effected by me, William V. Please refer to yesterday's post, and allow me some First Amendment Rights, oh Great Negro Lord of the manor, as I morbidly joke about the Egypt Air flight that nose-dived into the ocean. Wasn't it The Atlantic--a subversive liberal outfit for sure--that told me in open source material how easy my 757 is to fly, and presumably difficult to crash? Unless there is some sort of computer "glitch," or possibly Soldier Boy's "grav wave" was cannon involved. Grandma didn't call it "Ickica" for nothing. Here we go:
"About 0740 e.s.t. the copilot declared an emergency stating that the airplane had a landing flap problem; he later stated only one flap was down. He also stated that they were not able to maintain altitude [lie] and that the airplane was descending. Elmira approach lost contact with the airplane at about 0741 e.s.t.; the last radio transmission from the flight was recorded about 0745."
Now kids, I am not "OCD," but let's be precise as "The Great One" [at spycatching, anyway] teaches class.
0739:45 EMP 141: "One forty-one. Declaring emergency want vectors direct to airport one flap..."
0739:50 ELM "Empire one forty-one roger turn further right heading three zero zero."
0739:55 EMP "Right to three zero zero one forty-one."
0740:00 ELM "Empire one forty-one say the nature of your emergency."
0740:00 EMP "One flap down one flap..."
0741:55 ELM "Okay which way do you show you show it still to your left or to right."
0741:55 EMP "To our left."
0744:40 EMP "Okay we're on the localizer and we're at nineteen hundred, nine miles airport."
Ladies and gentlemen, how long must I complain about your antiquated American "left" or "right" politics? While not a "tea bagger," did some lie-filled media outlet say 32% of the T-candidates winning yesterday was a "failure?" Are you nuts? NEW POLICY: You may talk to me about girls, girls, girls, and politics. That it; that's all.
As for my math skills, the airplane "crashed" 4 minutes and 10 seconds after the flap problem is reported? Okay, as the pilot lingo goes and runs together the Empire plane says "We have the localizer, negative airport" meaning the airport in my in the future screenplay at, in the pilot's near to "last words," ..."at nineteen hundred, nine miles airport" so this meant 1) The NTSB is lying in the summary, and who reads crash reports besides "The Aviator's" grandson, anyway? 2) In four minutes, ten seconds--duh--THEY WOULD BE OVER THE AIRPORT, BUT THEY ARE NOT. They "crashed?" Roger, I don' t think so because .gov's compelled the airplane company to do a lot of testing, and from this published material, I can figure the "one flap down" speed, or at least estimate it, and...did I mention they would have been crashing AT THE AIRPORT THEY WERE ACCURATELY HEADED TO ON THE LOCALIZER BUT NEVER SAW. What? Son, welcome to my world where faggots @ BBC have put up a British-American dictionary at? What? "141" is in the html address? Try Oxford [for a he-man law degree?] to get "a state of agitation; a panic" over what? Who shot J.R.? Oh, who shot at Reagan (besides Hinckley) and LAX, is that enough for tonight? Roger, H-Bus 2012 at full stop.

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