Walsh? Joe, Can You Get My "So What" Back? (LP&CD)

Did you say "Gardner, Elizabeth L." May I give away some New Hampshire Statehouse clues, like who looking over you know what and the order of the photos in the "I'm stupid enough to run for president" album?" Next time, the one of George H.W. Bush from 1988 is going into my pocket when y'all are not looking. No? Too many cameras? How about I be made invisible, and there goes the Polaroid. Do you know voters who don't vote know 20-something's do not even know what a "Polaroid" is? Kodak, you big Rochester, NY jackasses, I have to explain it to them.
The engines that landed on the Pentagon's doorstep burned to micron-ish type ashes? Really? I'm in the market for a bridge, and I am not talking "spy talk."

Hey kids, when did Mr. Hughes first chuckle at what we in the industry call a "non-recoverable event?" Only Soldier Boy knows for sure, which is why I look forward to shooting my handy-dandy black powder pistol at an Admiral and/or Air Force General's butt, and if it hits him in the tush, I'll say "Take that c***sucker to Walter Reed, and stop your goddamn whining!"
Oh, me as president would be a one in a millennium event, after what I've been through. Enough with threats, let's talk alleged facts, like a near-miss between a United Airlines (nice new colors)777 headed to...oh, Beijing, China and an Aeronica 11AC, which I don't have time to look up because some paranoid drunk broke my HP C-300 and we must yield to "Sleepy" @ 8:45 p.m.
At least the collision alert gizmo sounded, but apparently not so with the near-fireball over my beloved Lutheran capital of the world, Minneapolis-St. Paul, where geniuses at the NTSB are at it again in reporting a US Airways jet missed a Bemidjio Beech 99 by, as Maxwell Smart might say, "That much."
And just how was this tragedy averted? Per Prince's "I have no name, as I have made too much money off Warner Brothers" Minneapolis Star Tribune scribe PAUL WALSH, "The U.S. Airlways captain heard the cargo plane below." Did he write that he (or she) "heard" the airplane?
GIZMOS...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GIZMOS, which in this case aparently did not function. Final report? "It will be some months" the .gov man said. Before or after I jump off the Eads Bridge, that is the question.

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