DSM-5-R: In Development, Hughes Leads Research Team

What? Where? May I take another breath? Travel? Are you nuts? Crash a perfectly good corporate jet? Not me, brother.


C 00431841 (The federal People for the Real Deal PAC Number).

P 8003536 (My very own Candidate Number, and that job application is for President of the United States, you f***ing idiot).

80-01415 (My IRS Tax Number, with no employees, as of yet).

"We" shall discuss more, hopefully tomorrow, about how there is "covert meaning" attached to just about every number the no longer so "secret" National Socialists (Nazis) dish out to Mr. Hughes, because they control every electron that moves with my proprietary technology, now well stolen by any nation, or large corporation, that can stamp a printed circuit board.

Who started the super high-tech "giveaway?" GEORGE H.W. BUSH. Who made it worse by peddling chips to China? WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON. Plenty of bipartisan presidential blame to go around, stoopid spyin' robo-ass, so why do you think I want the job? "Get me that file, and don't be slow, soldier!" Admiral, I want that shit on my computer screen today!" etc. etc. etc. All stalkers, please note, you are a criminal, though your brain-jacked cerebellum thinks not. An hour a day as POTUS to read-up on:

Oookay, "we" shall make time in the Hughes Administration, because many wondered why on the paternal side it was, "Grandpa was a butcher," and as for maternal g-parent, try "Grandpa was in the Navy." That was it; that's all folks. Disagree?

See y'all in federal court.

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