Confronting the Music & Movie Mafia

"Secret" bus stops? Secret Cisco Wi-Fi? Lots of taxable sales, uh, like more than Ventura, Simi Valley, Oxnard, or any burg in the county? They've got shopping centers, movie theatres, civic centers, and so forth, too. New cars? They flock to "T.O." Don't you love the 14 point type CA Temp Plate in the front windshield? Why not shoot me from one of your new luxury cars, mafia, and run away? Policeman does not react unless he sees it. Oh, it's due to something that goes back to the glory days of HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, is it not? Oh shit! He figured it all out! I was supposed to, you spyin' moron.

Hey dropout, learn the words EGALITARIAN & MERITOCRACY and you shall understand me, William Charles Hughes, Howard's grandson. Fooled Again is one of my no longer for sale screenplays, but it is also what happened in New Hampshire when a procession of single-engine planes were taking off from the cozy little airport up the hill from Tony's place and flying west. Finally, on the way to the food coop [still got my card] I saw yet another aircraft, plus JACK NICHOLSON'S nutty face, so that was "it," and I threw-in the towel. Against better judgement, I figured, "Go to Hollywood, get a crappy job, and try to slip 'em a screenplay."

Very unoriginal, I'll be the first to admit, but I was tired of chasing away nukes like St. Patrick chased snakes out of my 50% native Ireland, not to mention getting run off the road by guys with crew cuts and pretty girlfriends. My BUTA crew remembers the joke, of course. "Hey, when state police regularly gun their engine and get on the highway in front of you, not behind the in-focus Focus, what's the worry?" As Gomer Pyle said, "Gooolly..." Maybe you "Get off the freeway, get off the freeway" types got some inaccurate dossiers, too.

Oops! Ever heard of the Tarasoff case from...where? Right here in the Third World Republic at the University of California - Berkeley. Beautiful! Oh Captian, oh Commander, you may indeed be going to jail. Yes, you are. Lawyer? I mainly need the law clerks, really, as the King knows what you've done. Oxford or Cambridge for the not gonna use it much law degree? What say 'ye Harry? Nice looking chick 'ya got there, William. May I melt the Eiffel Tower now? Burn down Ottawa? Not yet? Excuuuuuse me for living.

Somebody may have figured out what I told Hollyscummytown a long time ago. That being, the big bucks are in MY story, not the happy little Jimmy Stewart movie ending scripts I wrote. Didn't I at least comprehend that one quick at the 911 bughouse as I said, "He'll look better than me" (in the inevitable movie and/or "Home Hologram")? [Don't I suddenly love the disparate signals of Honolulu, Denver, & Chicago ATC + KLOS & KSHE? "Coincidence?" Big Pharma's antispychotic pills await you, numbskull]

The remaining question is regarding whether I retain creative control while hollering "No money for mafias or militaries!" Cut off, like mean drunks they are, be I dead or alive. mafia! mafia! Did I not read of Frank Zappa foisting not so good albums on Warner Brothers? Did I not chat with Mr. Neil Young about the same thing? Did I have the disrespect to finger Trans and Reactor as the crappy albums in question? He said it, I didn't, but would polite, big fan Hughes say such things? ["Heart of Gold" on KLOS, right on cue. Does Soldier Boy want a POTUS who could fight a real war like this? Oh yes he does, and governor, you are not all that]. No, you're not, and I'd better not have to do that, but the King knows when the kingdom be attacked (for real) you do what yo gotta do.

May I buy the WB? May I buy Time Warner? [Jimmy Fallon does sound like Young, doesn't he?] Aw, c'mon, I've got to be young enough to say, should I "make it," from behind the Sure SM-57's, "Aw, drat, we're being nuked, but not really. Gotta go." Can you see the video? I'm a professional bachelor, so can I at least have some easy on the eyes Secret Service girls run for the airplane I won't use much? Don't you know if you could get away with that, with them, Bill Clinton would have done it. He did?

Don't tell me that!

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